Boy’s Golf Review


By Aleksandra Brajanovska, Staff Writer

The Quartz Hill High School boys’ golf team has attained success during their current season. They are currently undefeated in their regular season with a record of (12-0) and are on their way to winning Golden League. However, this perfect record does not come easily. The players practice extensively every week in order to play at their best.

The Quartz Hill team has been able to defeat all other schools in the Antelope Valley, including Highland, the team’s rival. William Beam, a junior at Quartz Hill High School and a key player on the boys’ golf team, commented on this topic. He said, “We beat our rival team, Highland, both times that we played against them. And, we were able to defeat every other team in the district by a huge margin.”  

The team has performed exceedingly well against other schools in the Antelope Valley. Their stellar performance is due to the players’ hard work and practice. Beam added, “In order to practice [for our upcoming games and CIF], we are at the golf course from Monday through Thursday for about two and a half hours. During practice, we work on everything, like putting, chipping, and driving.” Practicing these skills is essential for a peak performance, and the boys’ team makes sure to practice these skills for 10 hours a week.

Although the regular season is not done, the team is currently in a spot to clinch the Golden League title. After the regular season is over, CIF will begin at the start of May. During CIF, the team can look forward to seeing better competition as they challenge schools from across Southern California and seek to earn the CIF championship.

Hoping to perform well in CIF, the boys’ golf team will continue to practice in preparation. For the regular season, they will continue to dominate other Antelope Valley teams and aspire to ultimately clinch the Golden League title.