The Car Show

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The Car Show

By Pranesh Kumar, Staff Writer

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On Friday, May 4th, the annual car show at Quartz Hill High School will be taking place. The car show is, similar to the club fair at the beginning of the year, where many of Quartz Hill’s clubs will be selling various foods and snacks. Students will get the chance to bring money and buy a wholesome lunch from multiple booths of their choice. Not only will they get to enjoy a delicious meal, but they will also help support clubs financially.

As the name suggests, the Car Show is based around the display of cars. The field where the event is held will be filled with various props, similar to what one would expect to find at a vehicle display center. Not only that, but the Quartz Hill Car Show will also be themed around Star Wars, thus taking the title of “The Car Wars.” This theme is set to add to the already great vibe students will experience if they choose to participate in the event.

For many clubs, the Car Show is a very important time. Many of the funds that are used throughout the school year will be provided through this event. Not only that, but the car show is also a great way to advertise clubs to many Quartz Hill students who may have missed out during Club Rush.

MUN, one of the many clubs on campus, decided in the last event to sell Chipotle tacos. Though they knew they would sell well and attract a large crowd of people, what they got was a lot more than expected. The original 50 tacos they purchased were instantly sold to the swarm of anxious and hungry people. This just goes to show how passionate students are and how prosperous clubs become during these sort of events.

Valerie Boyd, one of the members of ASB, had a lot of comments on the upcoming Car Show. “ASB is excited about the Car Show, and we are hoping that the event will be a success. We know that the students are going to love the food that is offered there. Also, the clubs are going to profit well from the sale of food and other items.”

Apart from the Car Show being incredibly profitable for clubs, it also is a great outing for many students. The day, first of all, will be a double lunch day, meaning that kids can meet up with their friends from other lunches, whom they normally wouldn’t be able to see. This aspect is great, but the most notable feature is the wide variety of delicious foods that the clubs will offer at their booths. Fresh smoothies from Jamba Juice, steaming pizza from Dominoes, and even nicely baked homemade treats are just some of the many delicious offerings available. Students are set to have their mouths water when they behold what is at their disposal.

Freshman Noah Heming is one of the many students who is excited about the upcoming event. When questioned how he felt about it, Noah replied, “The car show is going to be a blast! I remember an event similar to this at the beginning of the year, and I really enjoyed being able to choose from so many foods. If the Car Show is anything like that event, then what’s not to look forward to.”

Overall, the Car Show is set to be a big hit and is definitely an event to look forward to. Students should definitely consider bringing money and supporting the many clubs on campus!

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