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Pranesh Kumar
Hello! My name is Pranesh Kumar, and I am a Copy Editor for the QHHS Ubiquity Virtual Edition. As a fourth-year student of Journalism and an IB Senior, one could say I am a seasoned veteran at all things writing — including using the em dash (the best grammatical tool by far).


With all the craziness regarding the coronavirus, BLM, and the presidential election, I hope to effectively articulate and share my opinions with you throughout the school year. My breadth of knowledge in politics is pretty extensive, so expect some spicy hot takes on the world's most pressing issues!


Some of my hobbies include traveling, listening to chill music, and fiddling with my Rubik's Cube. I'm also a massive math and physics enthusiast. From starting a local physics program (ScienceCraft) to creating a research paper in astrophysics — you can rest assured that I don't behave as nerdy as you may think.


I'll have to admit: journalism was not initially a class that interested me. After joining journalism due to peer pressure, however, I have really grown to enjoy the program and become much more passionate about writing. I am looking forward to creating and editing articles for the newspaper this year!


9/25/20 Update

Hello everyone, here is a quick update on my life during these last few weeks of online school. To begin, I have been involved in a few extracurricular activities related primarily to community service. One such activity is ScienceCraft, a STEM outreach program I started during the summer that teaches physics, engineering, and other science-related topics through Minecraft. ScienceCraft reached out to over 60 students during the summer and was featured in an article by the AV Press newspaper. For the fall, we are kick-starting the program once more with support from the Lancaster City council and, now, state Senator Scott Wilk. Along with the ScienceCraft project, I am also volunteering for a senior hotline called GoldenTalk and providing some support to help seniors get through the last few months. This is a project I am so humbled to be a part of, and I am excited to continue volunteering during my senior year.

Being an IB student in the first semester of senior year, there is also a ton of school work I have to manage and college application essays that I need to write. This process has been a little stressful, as I have had to stay up late on many occasions and do more writing than I ever have in my life. My tendency to procrastinate is not helpful at all, but at the same time, I feel like I have been able to manage the workload and improve as a writer overall. I will be so grateful when the first semester is over, and I can finally enjoy myself next year.

Thank you guys for tuning in, and I am glad to share some of the things I have been involved in these past few weeks! I’ll catch up with you all soon.

Pranesh Kumar, Copy Editor

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