Quartz Hill High School Color Guard


Picture by Dean Payne

By Dean Payne, Staff Writer

The Quartz Hill High School color guard team put on a stellar performance at the final event of the year, the color guard championship game. It was held on Saturday, April 28th at Eastside High School and hosted all the schools in the Antelope Valley. The Quartz Hill team was able to beat the Eastside Lions while also putting on a great show for the audience.

The QH team was set to perform as the last event of the competition, which included color guard and the drumline.

Eastside’s varsity color guard team was the only team other than Quartz Hill that was in the “1A” division.  The “1A” is the highest division, followed with the lower rankings of “2A” and “3A.” The Lions performed before the Rebels and put on an entertaining show for the crowd. Pie was even thrown during the performance of their event.  However, by the end of the competition, the Rebel team was able to out-do the Lions and come out on top.

The Rebel team’s performance included a prince and a princess. The important role of the prince was performed by Colin Aranda, a senior at Quartz Hill and key performer for the color guard team.  Regarding his role, Aranda stated, “Playing the role of the prince was very exciting and honoring, and I liked it a lot.” Though the character played by Aranda was a key one in the performance, the entire color guard team worked hard together to win the championship.

After the concluding teams performed, the awards ceremony was held shortly thereafter.  The Lions were awarded second place with a score of 78.25. As the second place winner was announced, a look of relief and happiness overcame the Rebel performers. They knew that they won the color guard championship.  The Rebel team was able to beat the Lions with a score of 84.00, a score difference of 5.75. Aranda explained, “We weren’t really expecting to score so high. Eighty-four is one of the highest scores [that the school has ever gotten].”  This success, however, did not come easy.

Aranda added, “[In preparation for the championship], we practiced 3 days, and around 12 hours a week. Winning the championship was a lot of hard work that paid off.”  The championship was the last event of the year for the color guard team, and they felt that they needed a stellar performance to end the year.

As the final event of the year, the color guard members are filled with pride to have won the championships against Eastside High. To have done so is all thanks to their hard work and dedication.  Though the season is over, the Rebels look to improve in preparation for next year. Hopefully, the color guard team will be able to find success next year, similar to the success that they have achieved this year.