Types of Study Techniques (#5 will shock you!)


Picture by Sophie Mbela

Study Tips

By Sophie Mbela, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year again where students are preoccupied with AP/IB exams. Some students go to extreme lengths in order to prepare, while some students simply don’t care because $5 is only $5. Here are some study tips that any student can relate to.

#1 – Do absolutely nothing

This is for the student that has photographic memory or just doesn’t care. Obviously, this is the most stressful and least envied study technique that is definitely not made for everyone. Students that follow this technique usually are extremely intelligent or they only took the exam because it’s $5.

Estimated Score: Perfect 5 or 7

#2 – Find Motivation

For most people it’s very hard to study if there is no motivation, and I’m not talking about the possibility of college credit. Let’s be honest, students are only motivated to get college credit when they’re in college and realize how expensive the classes actually are. Anyway, this type of student will use their basic needs as motivation. If they don’t study for five hours a day, then their parents better make sure to lock them out! Or, if they don’t remember every phrase, then they can’t eat any dinner! This type of technique is very hardcore, but it’s obviously the most beneficial and stress-free.

Estimated Score: Measly 1

#3 – Videos Videos Videos

This study technique requires absolutely zero reading. All you need are videos of all kinds -YouTube videos, Khan Academy lectures, and even Harvard classroom recordings. This is especially helpful for students that are visual learners or students that are hardcore, because finding videos is so hard; especially in 2018.

Estimated Score: Pathetic 2

#4 – Reread EVERYTHING

Barron’s book, Princeton Review, IB Biology Study Guide, and 5 steps to a 5 – these are all the books that students should read if they want to pass. You can either read one the night before or read all of them in one night. It honestly depends how high of a score you want. Also, if you want to be even more cheap, I would suggest going to a bookstore and reading through all the review books there so you don’t have to pay for them. Or, you can even wait for some type of Barron’s book drive at school!

Estimated Score: Straight-up 0 (Why do you even go to school?)

#5 – Prison Regimen

This technique requires a 23 to 1 schedule – commonly known as the prison regimen. Students using this method MUST study for 23 hours a day with only 1 hour of sleep/recreational time. If not, then they are liable to be put in isolation because obviously if you can’t do that, then why are you even in AP/IB? Anyway this is the method used by students that put their all into everything, but never reap the rewards.

Estimated Score: Pitiful 4