Epidemic of Catastrophic Proportions Strikes Internationally… and it may be in your home right now (CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT).


Picture by Ashhab Ibrahim

Ashhab speaks of a new plight

By Ashhab Ibrahim, Assistant Editor

Did you know that if you clicked this article, you are within the 99th percentile of creative geniuses available on Earth!? I would repeatedly complement your massive IQ, but there are more pressing matters at hand. You may not see it at first glance, but there is a global disease impending. Don’t believe it? Well, you may be one of the infected! It is a disease that pollutes the mental processes of men and women from ages 9-∞. Unfortunately, it has not yet been determined as a lethal disease, and as a result, doctors and researchers refuse to research and create an antidote.

What they don’t realize is that it may very well send our world tumbling into a wood, stone, or metal wall making us take 190 damage through shield and core health. The disease has been seen by our scientists here at Nyte Labs®️, producing an addictive nerve agent that serves as a partial substitute for dopamine when taken in small doses, but also causes the infected patient to lash out at everything within a four mile radius with superhuman strength if not consistently taken. This often results in thousands of dollars of damages, specifically targeting technology and anything with a blue light emission. Other withdrawal symptoms include partial temporary kidney failure, heart defects, depression, and in certain cases, ascension from the role of a common man to an almighty deity who has transcended the ways of human life.

The disease has been out there for quite some time, only becoming an epidemic when it evolved to include the allele BTL Royale. The introduction of this mutation is said to be brought on by an artificial source. Some are spilling the blame on EEG FLLC (Epic Exceptionally Genetically Modified Freakshow LLC). This speculation is said to be brought on by their naming of the disease, dubbing their alleged newly created infection “Fortnite.”

Some other symptoms include the massive loss of everyday motor functions; short, highly concentrated influxes of dopamine; the increased desire to transform into a gun-slinging cartoon; and the ability to build structurally unsound structures with your mind, a pencil, and some random piece of blue paper. Nyte Labs has released a highly developmental and rushed temporary treatment. Injected in willing military enthusiasts to fight the disease, PUBG so far has shown inconsistent cure rates, appealing primarily to people 30-∞.

After much speculation, the lab has concluded that a cure can only be created by EEG FLLC by adding artificial genes filled with bad content and pay to win systems to the Fortnite disease on a molecular level. This would effectively become a relatively consistent 98% cure rate among patients. The other 2% are too far in and have fallen victim to the disease’s needs. Remember kids and adults alike, in order to join our cause, go to www.AbortniteFortniteecksdee.com. We researches here at Nyte labs thank you for sparing some IQ to read this stellar truthful article. CLICK HERE FOR MORE!!!!