Club Rush


Picture by Shruthi Kumar

By Jahninna Alegre, Staff Writer

Club Rush is an annual event that occurs in September in front of the big gym. From Spanish Club to Art History Club, and from Key Club to Rock Band Club, high schoolers at QHHS have the opportunity to hear pitches from club officers and find what clubs interest them.


The Club Rush experience varies from student to student. For senior Uriel Aguirre, it was “enjoyable, though it was really crowded. [That] made it hard to move and to see the booths without being right next to them.”


Sadi Noor, a sophomore, had a similar experience, sharing that Club Rush was “a great time because of the people. [He] had the chance to meet up with the people [he] hadn’t seen since the last school year and people [he’d] never met before over momentary combined interests.”

Additionally, he noted that he was able to get more involved with each of the schools “factions.”


Conversely, Kelly Smith, a freshman, opened up about a much different experience of the event. She did not attend Club Rush because there were “too [many] people and it was really crowded.”


Club Rush is a way for students to join clubs they are interested in, as well as an opportunity to join other clubs that they would not have expected. Uriel Aguirre only joined one club: the Cross Country Club. He claims, “Everybody should consider joining it because it’s a great way to help fundraise money for one of two Division 1 sports (the other being track). We have a chance to regain our league championship and make it to CIF final, and I think people would enjoy being a part of that.”


Natasha Rosenthal, a junior,  joined several other clubs because they seemed interesting to her. When asked about which club she was most excited about joining, she responded, “… probably Multicultural Club because I’d get to learn about different cultures.”


Sadi Noor also joined various clubs and is most excited for Black Student Union because his friend signed him up to join the African Dance Team.


As for Kelly Smith, although she did not attend Club Rush, she is still open to joining clubs throughout the year and attending Club Rush next year.


Club Rush is a way for students to be more involved with their school as they discover which clubs are available to them. It is also a way for clubs to recruit new members and build up their reputation. With so many diverse clubs available on campus, students are sure to find one that interests them.


Being a member of a club – or several clubs – can open up other opportunities such as leadership positions, the formation of friendships, and engagement in activities that make high schoolers active members in their school or community. It can be a way to flesh out college applications and make a well-rounded individual. Although the crowd at Club Rush may be overwhelming, students should make the effort to attend as it only occurs twice in the school year. Club Rush is a fun way for high schoolers at QHHS to learn about all the clubs on campus.