Graffiti on School Campus


By Layali Homod, Staff Writer

On the morning of Monday, November 5, graffiti was discovered in various locations on school grounds. The graffiti boldly defaced multiple buildings and quads on the school campus, including the 200 quad, main gym, and library door. Security quickly rushed to cover up the vandalism as students began trickling onto campus to start their day. The issue was not publicly addressed by the administration.

It is important to note that the graffiti did not strive to take on an artistic approach. The letters were poorly written, black was the only color used, and it took on an overall simplistic nature. It is clear to see that the graffiti’s main purpose was to carry out a message, not to tag the school. In various locations on school grounds, the acronym F.T.P was seen, which likely stands for “F*** The Police,” or alternatively, but not probable, “Free The People.” The words “Free Kev” were also featured in one scene. The only possible association with this phrase is an Instagram account under the username “freekevin2k18.” However, this account has no posts, and no exact context can be directly determined based on this. Finally, the words “SAMURAI” and “I Will KMS [kill myself]” were too sprayed on the walls of QHHS. While the intention behind writing “SAMURAI” remains unknown, it may point to the name the group who took part in this act of vandalism. The “threat” of suicide has little precedence on the graffiti, as it seems to just be taking an “edgy” approach to the event as a whole.

Little is known about the graffiti and who has taken part in the vandalism. Although, one thing is clear: the perpetrator(s) clearly went out of their way to ensure their message is heard, as the graffiti was located in several areas – primarily on high locations – and allowed their message to be easily displayed to students, teachers, and staff alike. So, it is safe to say that whoever Kev(in) is, he is very much cared for.