Spirit Week’s True Purpose


Picture by Alex Kim

(going from left to right) Camile Sevilla, Kelly Knight, Sammy Lopez, and Vanessa Ocampo during kindness week

By Alex Kim, Staff Writer

For the week of December 3rd, ASB hosted the final spirit week of the semester. This meant that students were encouraged to coordinate their clothes according to the theme of the week, which went as follows: pajamas, all black/white, ugly Christmas sweaters, twin outfits, and, finally, all blue clothing on Friday.

Although many students participated in the daily theme, most did not know the purpose of the spirit days. In an interview with ASB representative Camile Sevilla, she revealed the intent of the week, saying, “It is basically a charity week to support kids in need since it is Make-a-Wish spirit week. There was a penny war in which the money went go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Then, they sent the money to the kids.”

Make-A-Wish, the charity receiving the donations collected that week, is an organization dedicated to granting the wishes of children with life-threatening conditions. To expand upon this, Colin Culver, a member of both ASB and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, stated, “The point [of the spirit days] is to increase school spirit, make school more fun, and have a week of being able to go all-out in costumes/spirit.”

The statements show that dressing up during a spirit week actually does not do much in terms of charity work. The themes of each day are nearly, if not completely, unrelated to the charity. However, the costume aspect of spirit week serves to promote school spirit, form the idea of school unity, and draw attention to the charity event taking place. Additionally, ASB works extremely hard to plan, set up, and advertise these spirit weeks so student participation would both delight the members of the organization and motivate them to keep working just as hard in the future.

Furthermore, a penny-war between the two lunches took place during this same week, all of which was donated to Make-A-Wish. As such, ASB and Make-A-Wish strongly encouraged students to donate during this season of giving. Student donations, no matter how small they may seem in the moment, can help improve and enrich the lives of so many children.

Last but not least, ASB organized a rally on Friday, December 7. Even without the proper spirit attire, everyone went and supported ASB and participated in the last spirit week of the semester.