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Alex Kim, Staff Writer

Hey all, Alex here. I’m a pretty big movie fan: I watch around one hundred movies a year, and I try to make sure that most of those movies are not dumb action movies that make me feel like my brain is melting. I actually try to watch arthouse films, which makes me an extremely pretentious film-watcher. I talk like I know more about film than anyone else I know because I definitely do.

But 2020 has been a pretty rough year for movies because every major release was delayed by several months. So what’s an obsessive movie-watcher such as myself supposed to do? Watch other movies. It truly is not that difficult to find good movies to watch. But, I have found that there are not many alternatives to watching films when I have nothing better to do. I do not leave my house to interact with people because I am a good citizen. Also, I can no longer stand being outside. I have not left my house for an extended period of time for a few months, so both my skin and eyes have become unhealthily sensitive to light. But, who needs to go outside? All the movie-watching happens inside. Yeehaw


9.28.20 Update

It has been well over a month into distance learning, and my workload is much lighter than it was during my sophomore year. So, I actually have a good amount of free time to do whatever I want. I have been in a kind of sci-fi mood, so I have been rewatching a bunch of iconic, recognizable sci-fi movies and TV shows. So far, I’ve rewatched the first two seasons of Stranger Things and Star Wars: Episodes 4 & 5.

I used to take the stance of a pretentious, wannabe film person by saying, “People should stop wasting their time by rewatching things.” I was entirely wrong, and that train of thought is incredibly annoying. Turns out that I love rewatching things and I love the things I’m currently rewatching. I do have over five 2020 movies on my watch list, but I’ll get to them when I feel like it. But as of now, I am carrying on with my sci-fi movies.


2.1.20 Update

After winter break started, I decided to make up for lost movie-watching time. Because of the large amount of school work I had to get through, I had not seen many movies in August or September. So in the three weeks that composed Winter Break, I watched twenty-three movies (including short films). I do not recall a time when I watched so many movies in such a short period, but I watched a lot of good movies, so I think that time was well spent. 

Over the break, I also started playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild from 2017, and I have never had more fun playing a video game. I love that game so much, and it really increased the appreciation I have for video games as an artistic medium. Breath of the Wild is the main reason I did not talk to anyone over the break.

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