5 Things Not to Do Over Winter Break

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5 Things Not to Do Over Winter Break

By Dorsa Bahmani, Editor

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Since one of our very own fellow writers wrote about 5 random things that you can do over winter break (Shruthi Kumar), I have decided to write a similar response article! I am going to be telling you about 5 random things NOT to do over this winter break:


  1. First, do not, and I repeat, do not leave all of your homework until last minute. As many of us in AP, honors, or IB classes, we get some sort of homework to accomplish over break. Whether it be to study for the end of the year AP test, review the material from the beginning of the semester, or to write multiple IB IA’s, we are often assigned something to finish over break. Although I know that starting these assignments on the Saturday after finals week is hard, I still highly recommend completing most of the work on the first few days of break. You are eventually going to have to submit the work; therefore, you might as well finish it early. Plus, getting everything done will allow you to have a better break because you are not continuously worried about the remaining work that you know you have to complete at some point.
  2. Don’t stop working out because it’s break. Your body creates fat regardless of the holiday or the time of year.
  3. Don’t start eating junk food all of a sudden. Although it is quite easy to cut ourselves some slack because of the traditional, sweet sensations of Christmas, our health is quite important. However, this point does not count on Christmas Eve, Christmas day, or New Years, as these are very special times in our lives that are considered ‘all you can eat’ days.
  4. Don’t stay home all break. A few suggestions include going out with friends, visiting the mall, taking a trip to LA, or maybe even golfing. What about skydiving? Heard of escape rooms? Or, just invite some people over, huddle together with a blanket, and watch Christmas movies as you eat healthy, nutritious snacks. If you get the chance, try to finish off some homework too before watching the movie with your friends.
  5. Don’t shy away from friends and families that are coming over this winter break. Christmas tends to be a wonderful time during which people almost always have family over, are traveling somewhere, or are involved in some sort of social interaction. Acknowledge your long lost cousin. Get to know her. Ask her about her favorite dessert. Bond. Life is short. Create conversations with your grandmother. Answer her questions and make her bake cookies for you. Who knows what can happen tomorrow? Take every moment as a blessing and spend it with those who love and care for you.


And that brings us to the end of my 5 things to avoid guide for this winter break. I am writing this on Tuesday, the day before my first final. Coming from experience, and I think I speak for everyone, we have all well earned ourselves this much needed break!! Have fun, and see all of you Rebels in four weeks time!

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