Back to School Night

By Layali Homod, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, January 30th, Quartz Hill High School held their second Back-to-School Night for the parents of current students, as well as for those of incoming freshmen. However, in comparison, the night stood out to previous events as it was run in a completely new fashion.

For 2019’s Back-to-School Night, parents, students, and teachers were taken out of the classrooms and instead filtered into the main quad, small gym, big gym, and 300 quad cafeteria. The academic courses and their corresponding teachers were set up in the big gym while the athletics department and some of QHHS’s clubs, including Cove Club, Vocal Association, Art History Club, and French Club, were set up in the small gym. In the 300 quad cafeteria, the engineering classes were set up and displaying some of their projects. The layout allowed for parents to maneuver themselves through the various buildings with a better sense of where to find the classes and clubs they were interested in.

While parents and students explored the campus, the main quad featured a few of QHHS’s talented students. Dancers and chamber singers performed for the audience, further showcasing the various activities students have at their fingertips if they choose to get involved in them.

This new way of executing Back-to-School Night allowed the atmosphere to be much more open for parents and students alike. Previously, teachers were confined to their classes while parents rotated in and out with each session. The system limited most parents to only going to their student’s teachers and left no time to explore more of what QHHS has to offer. Now, attendees had the opportunity to speak with several teachers, get information on plenty of activities available on campus, and watch performances all while not having difficulty trying to navigate their way around the school. Quartz Hill High School has definitely stepped up its game.