Valentine Grams


By Jahninna Althea Alegre, Staff Writer

February 14, Valentine’s Day, is a day full of hearts, flowers, bears, and chocolates. This day is celebrated all around the western world where publicly expressing romantic endeavors and interests is, more or less, universally accepted. Countries outside of the western world have also taken this day and made it their own, such as in Japan, where it is a tradition to personally make the chocolates to gift to your romantic interest.


Such traditions brighten Quartz Hill High School as it celebrates February 14 with its annual Valentine Grams. Students travel throughout the school, often in groups, and enter classrooms to serenade students. An individual rose can even be added for an extra cost of one dollar. Passive students in the classroom get a free live show of both the music and the reaction of the student being sung to. Overall, it is an experience for everyone in the room.


A student at Quartz Hill High School, Dalia Bagdasaryan, has a positive outlook towards these Valentine Grams. She stated that the grams are “super cute and thoughtful.” Bagdasaryan also believes the grams help “spread positivity.” She views these grams as kind gestures that can make the receiver feel deservingly loved. When a surprise, the grams elicit an even greater reaction; and thus, can come across as more touching and heartfelt. She expressed that singing is what makes the grams feel genuine than a typical rose or chocolate.


These grams are often accepted as a public display of affection, which is often frowned upon on any other day of the year. For now, however, symbols of love are found everywhere, seemingly inescapable.


The notion of gift-giving on this holiday has been perpetuated by business, media, and society as a whole. Couples tend to expect their partners to get them something out of affection, and failure to do so can lead to unintended feelings of disappointment or sadness. As such, the Valentine Grams at QHHS not only brings in money for the school and its clubs, but it also conforms to the expectations created by society.


Due to the over-romanticization of receiving outlandish gifts for your significant other (or your friends and family) as a measure of the amount of love from gifter to giftee, other types of gifts that show more sincerity have begun to grow in popularity. Homemade gifts or simple gifts that express genuine feelings are what is sought for. The singing Valentine Grams at QHHS strike a perfect balance between thoughtful, yet extravagant, making it a popular choice between students now and for years to come.