Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials of 2019

By Brandon Kim, Staff Writer

The commercials that play during the Super Bowl have been said to be considerably more exciting than the Super Bowl itself. Every year, lucrative companies spend millions of dollars to display a short commercial on the big screen just to be recognized among the watchers of this momentous football event. Nothing can be more iconic than a well-made, funny Super Bowl commercial, breaking the tension between the fans of each team. I have ranked this year’s commercials based on how entertaining, popular, and comical they were to the viewers of the Super Bowl 52.

1. We All Win – Microsoft

There’s always at least one Super Bowl advertisement that prompts unexpected feelings from the audience, and the company responsible for that this year was none other than Microsoft. Recently, this company has been working on the widespread accessibility of video games toward the disabled. This project is mainly jump-started by the Xbox One console. The company’s first commercial in several years promotes the new XBOX adaptive controller, which was developed to make gaming easier for disabled people. Different pedals and joysticks can be attached to the controller, and create the easiest gaming experience for those who have limited movement.

The audience was introduced to some people who have benefitted from this controller, explaining how playing video games makes them feel better, and how their gameplay is not limited by their controller now that Microsoft has made it more adaptive.

2. Robots – Michelob Ultra

Michelob Ultra’s commercial centers on robots that are physically better than humans. They can run faster and punch harder than people, but will sadly never be able to experience the joy of drinking a cold beer. With all the buzz around new technology in the 21st century, this is a humorous ad about what it means to be human.

3. Sad Device – Pringles

Pringles sticks with their theme of the commercial they made for 2018’s Super Bowl and delivers yet another iconic ad about the endless combinations and flavors that you can make with Pringles by stacking them. In this ad, a man is seen stacking a few Pringles. Out of curiosity, he asks his roommate, a robotic assistant, how many different combinations of Pringles can be made. The device quickly answers “318,000”, but begins reciting a sad monologue about how it will never be able to experience the joy of stacking, eating, and tasting all the combinations of Pringles. However, the device’s woes are drowned out by the upbeat melody of the song “Funky Town.” It is very similar to the Michelob Ultra ad, displaying yet another reason why it can be a bummer being a robot.

4. Not Everything Makes the Cut – Amazon

Everyone’s favorite virtual assistant strikes again in this year’s Super Bowl commercial by Amazon. Alexa seems to be everywhere these days, including microwaves, as seen in this ad. However, as this commercial suggests, Alexa isn’t necessarily compatible with every electronic device. Amazon humorously displays items like toothbrushes, dog collars, and hot tubs paired with the Alexas of popular, award-winning actors. Capped off with Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now,” this commercial is an absolute masterpiece. Amazon did not fail to charm their audience in this year’s Super Bowl.

5. Killer Skin – Olay

Sarah Michelle Gellar was the definition of a scream queen throughout the late 90’s and early 2000’s and played the leading role in several horror movie films. In this commercial, Gellar once again finds herself trapped in a house on a dark and stormy night, fleeing from a masked intruder. Although it leads everyone to believe that this is a trailer for a new movie that she will star in, it turns out to be an ad for Olay skin products. When Gellar and her friend lock themselves in a room upstairs, Gellar fails to unlock her phone with her face in a desperate attempt to call 911. She points out to her friend that her phone will not unlock with Face ID because the phone originally scanned her face when she was undergoing a breakout, unlike her clear skin now that she uses Olay. Therefore, the phone did not recognize her. This twist especially unexpected because Olay has never made a commercial for the Super Bowl before, and most of their other ads are very peaceful and straightforward.