Pisces are Superior: Signed, a Pisces


Picture by Violet Mbela

By Violet Mbela, Staff Writer

When it comes to astrological signs, some hold onto them with fervor, fully convinced that every secret of their being lies within a natal chart and their daily horoscopes. Some find it interesting to find out their sign, but don’t venture further for the specifics. Outside of these two categories, there is a third group that finds no interest at all in their astrological signs their meaning. These people are the extreme — a complete 180° of the girl who ghosts someone because she’s a Gemini and they’re a Virgo. If you are one of those people, the information I am about to present will be of no use to you.

From my personal experience as a Pisces, and a lifetime surrounded by every sign there is, it makes me proud to say that my lifelong research has culminated into something great. That “something great” is this: Pisces are and always have been the best of all twelve zodiac signs.

But because I strive to be a reliable source for the Ubiquity’s faithful readers, I will begin my declaration by stating a few reasons why Pisces could possibly be considered the worst zodiac sign. The main complaint I came across in my research was that, since Pisces falls as the last of all zodiac signs, they are seen to have a mix of characteristics from all the eleven preceding signs. Due to this, some claim that a Pisces has no personality traits of its own, but I have to disagree. Since they do possess some of every zodiac sign, they are the most well-rounded of the signs, and the most diverse.

Another common point made against Pisces is their sensitive nature. Pisces are stereotyped to be insecure cry-babies who are completely controlled by their emotions. Personally, I find this to be a long, drawn out cliche. This stereotype can be applied to most (if not all) zodiac signs. But, for some reason, Pisces are the ones who have been burdened with this label. My main theory is that since the season for Pisces is mainly set during the month of February, scorned singles on Valentine’s Day take their misplaced anger out on them for being one of the few people who routinely and extravagantly celebrate Valentine’s Day with glee, single or not, due to their escapist and imaginative nature.

Now onto the positives! Firstly, Pisces has one of the most eccentric personalities out of all the Zodiac signs: Steve Jobs, Michelangelo, Albert Einstein, Shaquille O’Neal, and last but definitely not least– Rihanna. Pisces just so happen to be the building blocks of culture and society. Put more simply, Pisceans have basically been a dream team throughout history. Pisces have such an amazing range that they can span from actors and actresses to musicians, Renaissance men and innovators to business people. As mentioned above, they possess the greatest range of characteristics out of all the zodiac signs.

Being stubborn is yet another trait that Pisces share with many other zodiac signs. The only difference is, their stubbornness doesn’t collide with any of their other traits to trip them up. For example, Leos possess a dogged inflexibility, but at times their arrogance and temper come in full force to trip them up in that same regard. But for Pisces, their stubborn nature meshes with their instinctive adaptivity to give them the ability to both stand their ground and weasel their way out of any crisis they place themselves in without completely humiliating themselves.

Now, as a Pisces myself, this can be taken as an extremely biased take on the subject; however, with the main pros and cons taken into account, I rest my case here with a final statement: Pisces is, in fact, the best zodiac sign when both positive and negative traits of all of the signs are taken into account.