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Hello! My name is Violet, I’m a senior and I’m so happy to be spending my final year in high school as a member of The Ubiquity! Not only did I further my writing and learn life-long skills, but the class allowed me to also reach out to students and share my voice. This class makes me feel so connected with the student body and is such a fulfilling course to take. This is a crazy year for all of us, but we can still make it count! And yes this is a complete advert, but the senior Ubiquity staff needs a legacy, so deal with it. :)

P.S. Wear a mask!!!


9.28.20 Update

This week, I spent most of my time wading through the deep sea of college applications. Despite everything I have heard about college applications and the fear thrust upon me from prior graduating classes, it really isn’t the essay itself that’ll tire you out-- it’s the physical application: ticking boxes, looking for tax returns. Having to sit down for an hour and fill out financial and personal information into multiple different college application portals is absolutely draining, and exhausting in its repetitive nature. I mean, there’s only so many times that I can fill out my favorite extracurricular activities before my brain goes fuzzy. At least the personal essay is engaging and allows students to tell a story. But the applications? I feel like I’m working a 9 to 5 and pushing paperwork for the Monopoly man. All I need is a cubicle and some office wear. I hate it.

Violet Mbela, Assistant Editor

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