Culturefest: The Celebration for All

By Layali Homod, Staff Writer

On Friday, February 22, the second Culturefest of the school year took place at QHHS in the 100 quad from 4:30 to 7:00 P.M. Culturefest provided an opportunity for students, teachers, and parents alike to learn about the diverse cultures found on our school campus. In order to participate, students signed up to have a booth for a specific country (that doesn’t necessarily have to be exclusive to their own culture) on which they based the food they sold. The money made from the event went towards funding for Multicultural Club.

With this being the second Culturefest, expectations were high. Although, there were only nine countries featured this time around as opposed to the 13 at the last Culturefest. Of these nine countries, six were Asian. Despite this lack of diversity, Culturefest still offered a wide range of food, including Belgium waffles, lumpia, fruit-filled empanadas, chicken wings, and pani puri.

Nikil Sunku, vice-president of Multicultural Club, was the primary organizer of this semester’s Culturefest. Sunku explains the lack of diversity, stating, “We had less cultures because less people signed up; it was also partly because this was the second Culturefest of the school year.” Ticket pricing also changed this year, as tickets were $1 each, as opposed to the more affordable price of $0.50 a ticket the last Culturefest required. Sunku shared that this switch was for the purpose of convenience: “We changed ticket prices simply for convenience: $1 for one ticket is much easier to keep track of.” While this provided convenience, it also provided profit, as Culturefest made $1,022 (without factoring in costs). While the exact gross profit still needs to be calculated, Sunku estimates that Culturefest profited at least $800, a significant margin increase from the $450 made last semester.

It is clear to see that Culturefest is a great asset for QHHS. Not only does it provide funding for clubs, but it allows students, faculty, and parents to enlighten themselves about the different cultures surrounding them every day. Considering how diverse QHHS is, Culturefest is an essential event to our school, enabling the various nationalities of the campus to come together to celebrate all.