The Jonas Brothers Reunite

By Brandon Kim, Staff Writer

When Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas, referred to as the Jonas Brothers, first began releasing songs together as a band in 2005, they quickly gained popularity. Thousands of people would go to their concerts, buy their merchandise, purchase their albums, listen to their songs, and support them in any way possible. The Jonas Brothers noticed how much their songs meant to their audience as their merchandise continued to fly off shelves as they released more singles and albums. However, upon the advice of brother Nick, the band promptly split. After multiple arguments between the brothers and cancellations of concerts, the band officially separated in 2013 after 8 years of being together. Many fans of the Jonas Brothers felt both devastated and surprised when they found out that the Jonas Brothers parted ways. However, the brothers did not lose their motivation to make music. They continued to produce their own music while they were separated.

After more than six years, rumors of the Jonas Brothers reuniting began to spread. These rumors were confirmed when they were featured on the Late Late Show, where they were interviewed by James Corden. The brothers confirmed their reunion, providing further information: they began to slowly connect when one of the Jonas Brothers, Nick, suggested that they make a documentary together to share their story with the internet. However, over the course of making that documentary, they began forming bonds with each other. Their on-camera therapy sessions were the main driving force behind their reconnection.

Six years after their split, the Jonas Brothers have returned with their comeback single “Sucker” on the first day of March. Fans of the Jonas Brothers were blown away and could not believe the good news. We look forward to hearing more from this iconic childhood band.