No More Books in the School Library

By Mars Gifford, Staff Writer

The Quartz Hill High School Administration announced this week that further, albeit minor, renovations to the library will be happening this upcoming summer. These changes will be taking place less than three years after the library’s successful remodeling in which the library went from crowded — stuffed with books and enough computers for an entire class, even with the outrageous class sizes we have all become accustomed to — to open and modern. In its current state, the library is set up to facilitate collaboration and studying in the conference rooms at the numerous tables and even in a conversation area with couches. TV’s silently play the news and students can use the Chromebooks they check out from the librarians. Students frequently go to the library before and after school, as well as during snack and lunch, making it quite the happening place. Because more and more students keep visiting the library and utilizing the new services offered there, the QHHS Administration has decided to remove the remaining books sitting untouched in the back corner.

The statement released made it clear that the decision to remove all books from the library has a purpose. It reads, “The numerous students that visit the QHHS library have found a calm place to study and relax. In an effort to continue to improve this environment and further encourage the academic pursuits of our students, the remaining bookshelves and books will be removed.” A fair amount of space will be gained from this move. It could be used for more conference rooms which are often completely filled during lunch time or for another conversation area. It is even possible that the area could be turned into something akin to the “Cry Closet” found at the University of Utah; however, this is unlikely.

Students are, for the most part, excited about this change. A sophomore named Joe said, “This is awesome! I don’t know why they didn’t do this sooner!!” Melissa, a senior, said, “I’m honestly really sad I won’t be able to see the final result. I know it will be so nice.” However, some are skeptical. The literature club has begun to post signs and hand out flyers that read, “Save the books!” and “Real books are better!” Rumors of a demonstration are circulating, but it is official: The QHHS library will still have books! April Fools!