Top Four University Campuses of America

By Josephine Nadolny, Staff Writer

As the end of the year approaches, thoughts of the future wreak havoc on the minds of upperclassmen.  While seniors are stepping into adulthood, juniors are beginning to plan for their last year of high school, the first official step into the college application process.  Many different variables come into play when deciding what schools to apply to, i.e. majors, demographics, costs, and your overall ability to perform in school. Today, however, we are going to completely ignore these elements and focus purely on aesthetics.  A university’s physical beauty is not extremely important when it comes to your education, but it is not something that should be ignored; after all, nobody wants to spend four (or more) years on an ill-favored campus. In recognition of the beautiful universities across America, I have composed a list of my top four campuses.


  1. UC Santa Cruz, California

The coastal campus of UC Santa Cruz is nothing short of beautiful.  While it lacks the exceptional architecture seen at some universities, UCSC’s natural environment makes it extremely pleasing to the eye.  UCSC is surrounded by dense green forest and overlooks endless miles of ocean water, making it perfect for outdoor activities. Holding almost 20,000 students and measuring up to 2,000 acres of land, UCSC is certainly on the larger side; however, the beautiful scenery creates a peaceful and homey environment for all students.


  1. University of Notre Dame, Indiana

Number three, the University of Notre Dame, is a private Catholic university located in the midwest.  While the University has gone under construction multiple times, its iconic gothic architecture still remains as it did 170 years ago.  Over the years, many parts of the University have been recognized for their architectural integrity, including the Golden Dome– a large, gold, dome roof located in the main administrative building; the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, the tallest university chapel in America; and the Word of Life mural, a mural of Jesus Christ located on the Theodore Hesburgh Library.  Whether or not you are a follower of Catholicism, Notre Dame’s architecture is undeniably attractive and remains as an important representation of Gothic design.


  1. University of Washington, Washington

With its views of Lake Washington and the Cascade mountain range, the University of Washington, like UCSC, is filled with natural beauty.  UW features over 500 buildings, all with somewhat gothic architecture, similar to that of Cambridge University. While the buildings remain appealing year-round, the grounds take new forms as the seasons pass.  Each spring, the University’s liberal arts quad attracts many visitors as the grounds become lined with blooming cherry blossom trees. UW has a classic collegiate campus, along with an amazing surrounding area of both the city of Seattle and the wilderness.


  1. University of Chicago, Illinois

The University of Chicago is the epitome of beauty when it comes to college campuses.  This prestigious school, like many others, features English-Gothic architecture. However, what truly sets it apart is the school’s creators.  Funded by John D. Rockefeller in the late 1800s, the University had rather high expectations, considering it was crafted by the richest man in American history.  Some of the world’s best architects were called to this project, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Henry Ives Cobb, and Ludwig Mies van der Roh.  Today, overgrown vines drape the University’s gray stone buildings; however, their original charm still remains.  The surrounding areas of Hyde Park and Lake Michigan are also main attractions for students and tourists alike.