Prom 2K19

By Eileen McGregor, Staff Writer

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Prom has been in movies and TV shows since the dawn of time. Countless classics have plots that circulate around this formal event. To many, Prom is a high school experience they will never forget.


Being a junior class event, Prom was planned and prepared by the junior class. Class of ‘20 picked everything from the colors to the location of the event, and even how it was to be set up. Mandy Roberts, a junior at QHHS, gave insight as to how the theme of the dance was formulated this year: During a brainstorm for theme ideas, Mandy Roberts and Malena Ronga (another junior at QHHS) took inspiration from the stickers on Ronga’s phone and proposed the idea of a “Butterfly Gardens” theme!


Prom is a different experience for each individual. As someone who saw the event from its first drafts to the real deal, Mandy Roberts’ experience was spectacular; she goes so far as to say “everything really came together perfectly.”


Kenny Smith, another junior at QHHS, also enjoyed the night. He highlighted the DJ’s taste in music, as the selections had him “off [his] feet and to the dance floor” and that it was not the stereotypical “bass-boosted songs you would expect.” Senior at QHHS, Shanti Davis, also commented on the music saying she had “liked the throwback songs, but wished for more slow songs.” Charlotte Wenzel, a junior at QHHS, thought the frequent interruptions of the DJ was “weird,” but overall, not that bad.


In regards to the location, most common comments were that the site was beautiful, especially the waterfalls. This, however, took a turn when it became night and insects began to pester humans. According to Davis, “by the end of the night, it was either too hot or too cold.” However, she enjoyed the spaciousness of the venue, as she was able to escape from the music whenever she felt the desire to do so.


The clarity of the venue allowed there to be a “welcoming feeling,” as described by Kenny Smith. He greatly enjoyed the “energetic presence” of the staff who had served him food and refreshments. Charlotte Wenzel also commented on the food, saying the deserts were “amazing” and that, since she is a big fan of the sweet treats, it was a “real bonus” for her.


When asked about their best memory of the night, everyone had their distinct opinion. Mandy Roberts could not think of a moment that stood out the most since her entire experience was simply that great. Shanti Davis exclaimed, “FROGS!” without any further explanation. Kenny Smith enjoyed the wholesomeness of “running over to the dance floor with [his] friend” upon hearing his favorite song playing and then dancing for nearly an hour with the rest of his group. Charlotte Wenzel was entertained by all of the activities Prom had to offer; she especially had fun with the giant Jenga blocks.


The largest complaint amongst students was with the buses: many were displeased with the issues during loading time and the general comfort of the seats.


Prom, for several, can be just as exciting as it is intimidating. It is often wondered whether the event will play out like in the movies, or if it will simply be just another high school dance. This year’s Prom proved its specialty by catering to the different interests of people. The inclusion of professional photos, fun games and activities, and a fortune teller is evidence that went above and beyond to keep attendees entertained and away from their phones.


However, Prom is not an essential part of the high school experience. It may be nice to ice out with your friends, but there are other, less expensive ways to have the time of your life with friends. In the end, Prom is what the individual makes of it.