Are You Smarter Than a Senior?

Are You Smarter Than a Senior?

By Aidan Sidikpramana, Staff Writer

Are you really smarter than a Senior? They certainly always act like they know much more than you, but is that a fact? Last week, the ASB Culture Committee gave students a fun opportunity to find out with a fun, pop-up game called, “Are You Smarter Than a Senior?” – an interesting twist on the popular T.V. show “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” The event took place in the main quad for both lunches and invited students of all grade levels to participate. 


The “Are You Smarter Than A Senior?” event was a questionnaire style game that required the players to know trivial facts about the school they attend. Two participants were lucky enough to take home the prizes: a free slushie pass and the bragging rights of being smarter than a Senior.


Colin Culver, sophomore and committee chairman for the ASB Campus Culture Committee, led the event. When asked about why there were so many lunchtime activities being organized this early in the year, Colin said, “The whole point of the Campus Culture activities is to create events, mainly lunchtime activities, that raise what we call ‘Campus Culture.’ Or, to explain it in its most basic fashion, a way to help raise school spirit and make a fun environment that makes kids want to come back.”


The Campus Culture Committee is a new branch in ASB that was brought up this year in an attempt to “boost school morale,” as it has been dwindling over the past couple of years. According to Evan Isaac, one of the senior members of the ASB Culture Committee, “[ASB has] noticed a lack of spirit at our school that keeps getting worse. Hopefully, we can get more kids involved from different groups of people through events like these, even if it is just a little activity at lunch.” The Campus Culture Committee is working relentlessly to make sure that you have a great time. The group hopes to make school fun by hosting lunchtime games every Friday.


Upon being asked about the idea behind “Are You Smarter Than a Senior?” Bianca Menor, a junior and member of the ASB Culture Committee, stated that the event was “A way to attract students to be a part of a contest and a way to win prizes; the main goal was to [bond] students and let the freshmen know how fun it is to be involved in school.” She looks forward to the future of the committee, stating, “I believe that it was a great start for our committee to put up an event like that…We strive to produce even more enjoyable events like this in the future.” 


Looking at the turnouts of last year’s events, it appears that the crowds are getting bigger, but it is still too early to know if that is due to the hard work to the Culture Committee or if these numbers will even remain consistent. What is known, though, is that those who come out during these activities have a great time. So, students of all grades, attend these events and get involved with your Campus Community!