Senior Sunrise


By Kaelan Clipper, Staff Writer

On Friday, August 30th, seniors clad in spirals of tie-dye met at the football bleachers to watch the sunrise. Seniority has its own sets of tribulations: college applications, job applications, the application of oneself in the real world. Thankfully, the traditions Senior Sunrise and “Senior Ditch Day” helped rekindle some optimistic Rebel Pride for seniors going into the finale of their high school careers.

Senior Sunrise is a nationwide tradition, each school assigning its own day and customs. Students of Quartz Hill High School spent the days prior to the event tie-dyeing shirts and collecting colorful accessories with friends. When Friday arrived, hundreds of seniors met at the football stadium at 6.00 AM, just early enough to watch daybreak. The Rebel snack bar was open, seniors were given plastic Hawaiian garland, and soon enough, the benches were filled with talkative friends taking hundreds of photos to capture the moment.

ASB made some interesting announcements to the Class of 2020. New Senior Class Officers were introduced to their peers in person for the first time. We were also given some special insight into this year’s Homecoming theme “Halloween Came Early,” which will be accompanied by the “Homecoming CarnEVIL.¨ We will likely hear more from ASB about their plans for Homecoming in the coming weeks.

After the class photo, what the Seniors did next with the remainder of the Friday varied. Some Rebels would show up to their 1st-period class well on time. Many wouldn’t – hence the controversial yet somewhat humorous nickname “Senior Ditch Day.” Going out to eat breakfast at a diner such as Denny’s was a popular choice for several groups of friends. Some had their own ideas and went to stores, a friend’s house, or left the Antelope Valley entirely. With Labor Day being a legal holiday, some students enjoyed a 4-day-weekend, while others returned promptly to their second period to finish the rest of their school week. Teachers who had hoped to cover important curriculum were disappointed to find their classes had dwindled to half a dozen students in the early morning. Regardless, this is considered a Quartz Hill High School tradition, and the day inspired much enthusiasm for the Senior Class of 2020.

Senior Class President Kalaya Culver said “Senior Sunrise is basically the start of our Senior year. We all get together to watch the sunrise and it almost symbolizes a new beginning. It is the beginning of the end.”

To the Senior Class of 2020, we wish you good luck in your endeavors, from UBIQUITY!