REBS Cards: What They Are and Why You Want Them


By Violet Mbela, Copy Editor

For schools as large and populated as Quartz Hill, it is important for administration and teachers to make the students under their care feel appreciated. Last year, the school began a new incentive to combat a decrease in student morale, while also looking to contribute to a boost in “REBS” behavior. “REBS” behavior, as defined in both REBS cards and posters in teachers’ classrooms, which stands for Respectful, Engaged, Be kind, and Safe. These are all good facets any student should strive for, so REBS cards open up numerous opportunities for Rebels to be recognized and rewarded for behavior they have been practicing long before these cards have been enacted.

An everyday thing such as picking up a piece of trash, scoring well on an assignment, or helping out a friend in need can now be rewarded by most adults on campus. And, for those who have not been practicing these simple REBS traits, the many incentives that are tied with earning a REBS card lure in participants into committing Rebel worthy deeds. A student who has been awarded a REBS card can cash it in at the Administration Office with one of the many staff members. There, they will get to pick a reward of their choice that will be given along with a QHHS Rebels’ cup, and coupon of their choice.

Leah Martinez, class of 2021, a successful choral student and thespian, earned a REBS card last year by picking up trash near a trash can that was flipped over in the wind. She was awarded a card by our very own Tiffany Aquino, a beloved member of security. Martinez’s card stated that she “helped pick up trash when she did not have to.” Her act, however simple it may seem, actually fell under the “Be kind” category of the REBS acronym.

Commenting on the card, Martinez said, “I felt proud that I got one, and, honestly, I wanted to earn more cards after because I liked the feeling of accomplishing something good.” Her feelings are shared between many students that have also earned a REBS card.

Anicia Aguilar is another shining example of QHHS students displaying the noble REBS traits. Aguilar earned her REBS card by being the only student to earn a perfect score on an English quiz. When asked about how earning the card made her feel, she responded that “IB is very competitive, so being the only person out of IB English 11 to get a 100 on a quiz made me feel smart, and I would like to get more to feel even smarter.” 

Overall, it does not hurt anyone to get a little praise now and again. For students who have earned REBS cards, it seems to trigger a chain reaction within their classmates. It causes both themselves and the people around them to strive for the same standards in the hopes that they can receive the same award. Thus making for a very effective incentive for the QHHS population.