Halloween Is The Best Holiday: Here’s Why


Picture by Jahninna Alegre

By Josephine Nadolny, Staff Writer

As fall creeps around the corner, signs of the new season flood the city. Whether it be the spider webs draped across houses, or the scent of cinnamon throughout the local grocer, early September marks the beginning of the best time of the year: Halloween.  With its costumes, decorations, and overall mix of joy and terror, Halloween is the best holiday of the year. Now, if you are also a year-round appreciator of all things spooky, you need no further persuading, but if you aren’t, I’m here to convince you.  

First, I will explain the obvious: costumes. Being able to become your favorite character, your favorite artist, your favorite animal, or your favorite inanimate object is the foundation of Halloween’s beauty.  Halloween night allows your creativity to run freely, whether you make your own costume or add a personal twist to one you purchased, it’s a great way to stand out and make a statement you wouldn’t have made otherwise; afterall, Halloween is all about getting out of your comfort zone.  Another perk of Halloween is that those who prefer to dress in darker colors no longer have to be burdened with the “are you going to a funeral?” or “why so much black?” remarks. Instead, people embrace darkness and all things scary, bringing me to my next topic: decorations. 

Halloween decor may be the most versatile of all the holidays.  Whether you dress your house as a thriller movie set, a graveyard, or even a Disney movie, it is in the spirit of Halloween.  This holiday is what you make it and can be personalized to fit the likings of all households. Don’t like the darkness of Halloween? Make your house into a church and dress up as a priest.  Have younger siblings that are scared of gore or horror scenes? Make your house into a forest and dress as storybook characters. Anything that is somewhat out of the ordinary is perfect for Halloween, even if it doesn’t follow the traditional spooky aesthetic.  While I, along with many others, enjoy a good scare, it is not for everyone, and Halloween is still commendable to those few. 

Halloween is a beautiful combination of the joy from holidays, mixed with the great thrill of a scary film.   Whether you decide to go to a party with your friends, collect candy with your sibling, or stay at home with your family, the Halloween spirit never fails to shine through.  So, this Halloween, if you have failed to enjoy the others, remember that it is easy to make it your own, no matter your previous objections. Once you discover how to appreciate Halloween and all its glory, you too will realize it is the best holiday of all.