DIY Halloween Costumes


Image by Jahninna

By Brian Kim, Staff Writer

Halloween is just around the corner, which means costumes become a priority. But not all people have the time or money to purchase their own. Never fear! This year, DIY it and make your Halloween costume with items at home! Here’s a list of some of the best easy-to-make Halloween costumes!

  1. Cut-out Social Media Borders Costume:

To make this costume, all you need is a firm piece of cardboard, scissors, and a printer. Most people are familiar with popular videos or pictures on the internet, so just get one, and print it onto the cardboard. Then cut out a square for yourself, and recreate the picture/video through the opening for a comical result.

     2. Men in Black Costume

This is one of the easiest costumes that anybody can wear. The only materials needed are two pairs of sunglasses and two sets of tuxedos. This iconic movie-based costume duo suits all types of people from best friends to couples to siblings and more.

    3. Bat Costume

Bats are usually associated with Halloween for a spooky vibe, so it would be perfect as a DIY Halloween costume. All you need is a black hoodie, any broken black umbrella, a black marker, and foam or a paper plate. First, cut the black umbrella in half (make sure it is one that isn’t needed anymore) and use safety pins to attach them to the arms and waist of the black hoodie. Use the black marker to color the foam, and cut it into the shape of ears. Attach them to the top of the hood. If paper plates are the preferred method, just cut it in half after coloring it black, and attach those to the top of the hoodie.

    4. Nerd Costume:

This costume doesn’t require that many resources, since about all students own their own calculator already. Glasses aren’t always needed, but if they are used in this costume, wrap some masking tape around the center of them to enhance the nerdiness of the costume. Then, tuck a white collared t-shirt into some high waisted pants. Suspenders would also help to make the wearer look more nerdier.

These are only a few of the Halloween costume possibilities! Not all trick-or-treaters have to spend money for a costume from a Halloween store. Instead, by using materials that are already lying around their household, they can create a perfect costume that they can enjoy still look fabulous!