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Brian Kim, Marketing Editor

Hello, my name is Brian Kim, and I am currently a junior at Quartz Hill. During summer, I have been eager to finally return to school in person and meet my friends and teachers for the first time in nearly a year and a half. This is now my third year in high school taking journalism, and I am looking forward to my time and contributions in the class. I have enrolled in the IB program for this school year, and now most of my classes are at a higher level. For example, courses like Biology, English, Psychology, and History of the Americas are several of my new IB classes. The only AP class that I’ll be taking in person is Calculus BC. It is also my first year in high school taking classes online through Virtual Academy. I have chosen to take two AP classes this year online, Studio Art AP and Chemistry AP. Taking Chemistry Honors proved to be a struggle for me during my sophomore year, so I expect a challenge while taking Chemistry AP online. Other than those classes, I am also taking Spanish 3 Honors, in which much more Spanish is spoken in class. Such circumstances may also prove to challenge my abilities in education overall throughout the school year. Since distance learning has entirely upended my time management skills and sleep schedule, I hope that I will create a productive work ethic to manage my time better this school year.


4.29.22 Update

Next week, I have my AP exams for AP Calculus BC and AP Psychology, which I should do moderately well on as long as I prepare enough. After canceling my AP Chemistry exam—which I am highly unprepared for due to the workload of college classes and IB—I have more time to prepare and study for my other two exams. But I have a research paper due right between my APs, for which I have to study. 

I have signed up for Sociology 101 for my additional college class at Antelope Valley College. I have maintained a moderately good GPA at this point in the school year. However, since I applied during late registration, I have missed one of the quizzes, which has been dragging my grade down immensely. The midterm final also proved to be a struggle for me. I hope to raise my grade so I can include it in my current transcript.

I am also highly motivated to work on my CAS activities, included as requirements to be finished by the end of this semester.

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