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Brian Kim

Brian Kim, Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Brian Kim and I am interested to see how school and my overall status in education may play out due to the unusual circumstances of the new school year. Distance learning, which was caused by the coronavirus, fascinates me since I have always been intrigued by digital learning, instead of in person. During quarantine, I have mostly been staying at home and not going outside to public places except to practice tennis at the park. I have not been studying much, though, so reviewing the material in all subjects is mandatory for me in order to understand all of the different topics better in my classes. Last year, I took just one AP class, which I struggled fairly in. Fortunately, I passed the AP exam. I hope that now, taking three AP classes, I could do fairly well. It may be especially hard because of quarantine and at-home learning, but it also helps because the workload and the taught material is more straightforward, especially since most subjects and instructions will be there in-text for future reference. I hope for a good year through distance learning.


9.28.20 Update

So far, distance learning has been increasingly more difficult as we get into the school year. My AP classes, Calculus AB, Human Geography, and Art History, are quickly growing in terms of work and becoming more time-consuming. For Calculus, there are more formulas to memorize and the first official exam on derivatives is in a few days. I hope that by that time I will be able to efficiently use the formulas and pass with a decent grade. For Human Geography, the lessons have mainly consisted of taking notes, but we have been increasing in analysis-type homework and presentation work. For Art History, there are more artworks our class has to memorize and take notes on as time goes by. Although the coursework is still difficult at home, I believe that distance learning helps to ease how hard it would have been compared to if I was learning at school. At home, students learning have more resources available to them that can help them throughout lessons and overall schoolwork. However, as my classes have been assigning more work, my free time has also been decreasing. I hope that I’ll be able to do well in my classes even with the quick increase in work.


2.1.20 Update

As the school year progresses, it’s only expected that distance learning will become more difficult over time. Last month, in December, was when the first semester ended. I performed well on most of my finals. For some classes, the finals and their instructions were released a few days before the day of the actual finals, like in my chemistry and English classes. This process was helpful since I had the opportunity to work on them earlier and have more time left in the day to study for my more essential finals in classes like AP Calculus AB, AP Human Geography, and Spanish 2 Honors. I also had time to prepare for these finals in a class where finals weren’t assigned, like journalism and AP Art History. After finals, once winter break began, I made plans to study at least three days a week. However, I procrastinated a lot during this period and couldn’t get as much studying done as I planned to do from the beginning. Thankfully, though, I was able to catch up on sleep and talk with friends, which helped my mental health significantly. I am also grateful that I had the opportunity to spend lots of time with my family on New Years’ and Christmas.

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