Why Senior Year is Terrible


Picture by Jahn

By Josephine Nadolny, Copy Editor

Reaching my senior year was exciting. Only one year left of high school, and I had assumed it would be filled with never-ending fun and little to no work.  My entire high school career, I felt as if I was preparing for this moment, as do many students. Afterall, upperclassmen constantly boasted about their lack of stress since I was a freshman, so I thought I knew what I was in for.  But, I have never been more wrong.  Senior year, although it has only just begun, has been the most challenging year yet. 

Now, whether or not your senior year is complicated depends on what classes you take, what colleges you apply to, if any, and your outside obligations; however, with age comes more opportunity, thus bringing more responsibilities. Your parents begin to expect you to get a job, drive yourself everywhere, and basically prepare for your impending adulthood. Whether you are going to college or not, your teachers and family expect you to have a basic plan of how you would like to spend the rest of your days on this fine planet. The idea of getting a job and finding some sort of independence sounds scary. However, this is the least of your problems as a senior. 

I’m convinced “senioritis” is just another word for depression.  You don’t want to do anything, yet you are cluttered with tasks that, frankly, there aren’t even enough hours in the day to complete.  For me and many of my peers, this has left a feeling of helplessness and a belief that this relentless stress will never end. Now, I will admit I’m usually surrounded by AP students that are applying to 5-10 universities at least, however, I believe all seniors are feeling pressure at this time.  Afterall, these are our last moments before “real-life” starts.

The final, and most impactful realization I’ve had during my senior year is that life isn’t going to stop just because you’re struggling.  No matter how much you put your responsibilities off, they’re never going away. And, just because it’s your last year of highschool, doesn’t mean teachers are going to stop giving you homework, tests, and essays every other week.  Even if you are getting absolutely destroyed by college applications, you still have to do your homework, take that test, and write that essay that has nothing to do with your future plans.  

With you’re imminent adulthood looming over you like the devil himself, senior year is not what it’s made up to be. While it has its perks, there is still work that needs to get done, and unfortunately the course of life does not come to a standstill.  Despite this first semester struggle we are currently enduring, I hope second semester provides the senior year we were all hoping for.