Teamwork is the key to success for the Boys Wrestling Team

Teamwork is the key to success for the Boys Wrestling Team

Picture by Andre Shahbazyan

By Nilesh Kumar, Staff Writer

The boys wrestling team has been training relentlessly for the past few months in preparation for their upcoming season. Following their pre-season summer training, which began towards the end of August, their first meet is set to take place 3 weeks from now on November 15. 

The focus of the team this year, compared to other years, is to put an emphasis on teamwork and help the athletes improve. Andre Shahbazyan, a freshman wrestler, states, “Our goal this year as a team is not only to improve individual abilities but also help one another succeed in matches and achieve our overall goal of winning as many titles as we can.” This goes to show how even in an individual-based sport, teamwork is what helps players improve. Andre further states, “Teamwork is important in wrestling because people have to trust one another in winning matches, which corresponds to their weight class. Trust is a factor that is influential, specifically in wrestling, because it gives athletes the confidence to perform their best.” In all sports, success comes down to proper training and confidence in that training. It is very exciting that the boys are implementing this in their training, which will likely help to show their success.

The boys have multiple coaches, but the head coach this year is Coach Coleman. According to Andre, “He is helpful in every way he can, meaning he shows and teaches us moves and how to defend different moves others use.” One specific strategy Coach Coleman uses to help the boys wrestling team learn new moves is repetition. Andre states, “He shows a move and works on it one day, then the next few days we practice those moves a little each day.” This repetition of certain techniques is influential to the success and development of players in the sport because, when wrestling, it is more important for players to make moves based on natural reactions. This will more than likely prove to be beneficial for the boys this season. Andre further states, “Honestly, so far there aren’t any negative emotions against him. He is an overall amazing coach.”

With that being said, the wrestling team certainly looks to be promising this year. With the work ethic of the wrestlers and the experience and finesse of Coach Coleman, there are lots of expectations set on the boys this year. Their first meet is in three weeks, on November 15. Good luck and go Rebs!