Fire and Ice Spirit Week


Picture by Ja

By Aidan Sidikpramana, Staff Writer

Every year ASB holds a spirit week to get students hyped up for the Winter Ball. To keep things interesting, ASB varies the theme each time: this year, students were invited to participate in a week inspired by fire and ice.


Throughout the first week of February, each day was designated a different theme. Each day challenged students with a different dress code, asking them to wear all yellow on Monday, class year-coordinated colors on Tuesday, beanies and sunglasses on Thursday, and all black on Friday. Each day was inspired by the Winter Formal theme. Monday’s yellow signified a “yellow” to the Fire and Ice Formal; Tuesday’s coordinated colors represented the colors fire and ice and typically depicted as; Wednesday’s student-free day was also spirit-free; Thursday’s beanies and sunglasses protected students from ice and fire, respectively, and Friday’s all-black attire created the perfect setting for the blacklight assembly that day.


The week was pretty eventful in itself: ASB held a spirit rally in the main quad, blasting music to get people pumped up for the assembly later that week and the dance later that month. Viviana Kim, a junior, shared her opinions on the event, stating, “I thought it was pretty cool and it was a great way to encourage people to attend the formal.” However, upon asking whether the spirit week had convinced her to attend the dance, Kim replied, “No, I have no plans on attending the formal and the spirit week didn’t really change my mind on that.” Even though Kim did not feel persuaded to go to the dance, she reported that she enjoyed the week, nevertheless. Especially the blacklight assembly.


Friday’s blacklight assembly was a huge success amongst students, who had a tendency to scream when the gym lights were turned off. The event featured wonderful performances from a majority of the dance teams that inhabit Quartz Hill High School and a surprise collaboration between the Tinikling and Hip Hop teams. Their mash-up was, perhaps, the first-ever in QHHS history.


All in all, the Winter Formal spirit week is always a week to look forward to. There are many interesting events to participate in and it is always fun to be a part of the competitive school-wide spirit contest. Events like these call for student appreciation of ASB, who put in so much work, from decorating the gym to organizing the rally, that the least you can do is join along and make their work worthwhile.