Zombie Catchers Game Review

By Dinh Duong, Staff Writer

Despite being released six years ago, Zombie Catchers is still a fairly unknown mobile game for iOs and Android users. Based in a post-zombie apocalyptic setting, the game centers around capturing zombies that have infested Earth. The undead is then gathered and brought back to a factory where they are juiced into food and sold for a profit at the A.J. and Bud’s Shack Shop. Players later earn money by selling items and completing challenges in order to unlock new levels. At a glance, this simple plot has no interesting aspect to it, and, upon deeper investigation, the same remains true: Zombie Catchers is absolutely mundane.

Most of the levels are dull and repetitive. Oftentimes, you are on the same map, with the same layout, shooting the same zombies, with the same harpoon gun. You catch zombies and turn them into snacks, nothing more. It is simple, but sometimes the repetition can also be reassuring. I am terrible at the game, but the redundancy helps me focus on what I need to do in order to improve my zombie-catching skills without worrying about more complicated challenges getting thrown my way. A lot of people think having a hobby means you have to be good at it, and honestly, while I am terrible at this game, I still enjoy it. Oftentimes, 99% of the zombies run away before I can catch them, or I accidentally bump into a bird and get knocked out and it is just an entire trainwreck, but it is amusing to laugh at myself.

In terms of game design, the zombies are really cute. The 2D graphics are something a thirteen-year-old kid would draw on the sidelines of their notes, and yet, these doodles are very well thought out. They are just very adorable and small; I do not know how else to describe them.

Even the food they eventually become is cute, especially since the zombies are themed into their foods. For example, the Cupcake Zombie gets turned into “Raspberry Gutcake,” or the Ice Cream Zombie gets turned into “Eyes Cream.” There is also a card collection of all the different types with tiny classifications of each ones’ characteristics. It kind of reminds me of Pokemon Cards. My favorite is the description of how the Slushie Zombie tastes like: “blueberries and battery acid.”

At the moment, I am only on Level 21 and have unlocked the Swamp and Beach terrain, but I have been eyeballing the locked Chinatown region for a while now. I hope I make it there before it gets too boring. Overall, Zombie Catchers gets a 6.5/10.