Quartz Hill’s Stellar Track Team

By Patrick Park, Staff Writer

After having a stellar season last year, Quartz Hill’s track team is already living up to the name. With coaches Dean Miller and Matt Bierowicz, the team hopes to have another successful season. They have finished their fourth meet in which they won. Their team has 19 meets during the whole year and this is only the beginning. However, the progress made by the team so far is an excellent start. 

Although they only finished three meets, the Quartz Hill High School track team is doing very well. The track team has currently won their two invitationals as well as their meet against Paraclete. This year’s team seems to have a very talented roster that will be able to win many meets. When asked how she felt about this year’s season, Riley Briones (sophomore) replied, “I feel really good that we have an amazing girls and boys team and I feel that we can make it to the finals”. 

Riley Briones is currently a sophomore and this year is her first year on Quartz Hill’s track team. Some good Personal Records (PRs) include Brianne Smith (freshman) who ran a 5:09 in the 1600 meter race, Brady Butler (senior) who ran 4:28 in the 1600 meter race, and many more just to name a few. 

Although they have lost some good runners from last year, the track team still has an amazing roster. Om Babooball, who is also a sophomore said, “We definitely lost some great runners from last year, but our team right now is stronger than ever. We definitely have a crazy good team.” 

The team star senior Cameron Smith qualified for CIF and state, which is the first in Quartz Hill history. Despite the fact that this year is Cameron’s last year, the team will still have a competitive roster. Indeed, with athletes like Kai Smithley (sophomore), Brianne Smith (freshman), Edgar Hebbman (sophomore), and Riley Briones (sophomore), the team will still have a good team after this year.  

Track and field is not just focused on running; instead it is also focused on other physical activities which include javelin, shot-put, and jumping. This means that there are a lot of athletes on the team that all specialize in certain events. There are also athletes that specialize in certain distance events in running such as 100m, 200m, 400m, and 1600m. Although there are many solo events, there are also team events such as relays. This requires good teamwork as well as skill to win. 

In conclusion, the Quartz Hill Track and Field team will have a great season and you should make sure to come out to support them!