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Patrick Park, Staff Writer

Hey there! My name is Patrick Park and I am a sportswriter for The Ubiquity. As a sports writer, I enjoy both playing and watching almost every sport. My favorite sports would most likely be basketball and football. However, during this time, it is a bit difficult to practice these sports. I enjoy drawing, playing video games, and watching shows on Netflix. Honors Journalism is a very fun elective as it teaches the necessary skills to become a great writer and I hope to apply those skills to other classes!


2.1.20 Update

Another year has passed, and 2020 is finally over. However, things have pretty much stayed the same. School is still online, quarantine has become stricter, and many political issues are going on. Although I still remain hopeful that we do return to school, I predict that will happen sometime in the summer or fall if we’re lucky. But until then, the main things I’m focusing on are the AP and IB tests along with the SAT. I’ve been moving and cleaning the house more frequently than I did previously. In addition, I’ve started to get rid of some things that I didn’t need that were just taking up space. It doesn’t feel like days are going by, mainly because every day feels the same, but it gives me time to try new things such as art, guitar, piano, etc. In conclusion, the school’s been keeping me busy, which is actually helping me in a sense. Stay safe!

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