Palmdale to be Considered Permanent Headquarters for the United States Spaceforce

By Faith Crossan, Staff Writer

Palmdale has officially moved into the evaluation phase to be considered a permanent headquarters for the U.S. Spaceforce. This achievement would help put us on the map for further aerospace innovations!


The United States is looking for a home for the Spaceforce, and Palmdale is being highly considered. Santa Clarita representative Mike Garcia put in a good word, saying, “We proudly refer to the Antelope Valley as the Aerospace Valley because of its long and distinguished history as the cradle and proving grounds of aerospace and space innovation. It is the home of generations of test pilots breaking the sound barrier, astronauts testing the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle, and commercial aerospace companies testing privately-owned spacecraft.” 


Palmdale is known for its outstanding aerospace achievements. Kathryn Barger, Los Angeles County Supervisor, discusses some of these accomplishments in her formal nomination for the Spaceforce headquarters: “Los Angeles County has greatly contributed to the advancement of the aerospace industry and space exploration through many institutions such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Edwards AFB, Los Angeles AFB, NASA facilities, JPL, Cal Tech, and the United States Air Force Plant 42, which have endeavored to support aerospace efforts.” Due to all of these high-status achievements, Palmdale has added to the U.S. belt. Now, there is a good chance the city will move even further into the evaluation process for the new home for the US Spaceforce. 


The official decision will come out sometime early next year. Palmdale has been moved into the final stages of evaluation that will be looking at how we relate to the mission, community support, infrastructure capacity, and the funds needed from the Air Force. If granted, the site would be home to military training for the Spaceforce and eventually lead military space operations. 


The other cities being moved to the next evaluation staged are not being disclosed. We can only hope that our innovations speak for themselves and outshine our opponents. Having the Spaceforce HQ in Palmdale would allow for an influx of new engineers and other aerospace centered careers to migrate here. This will cause the Antelope Valley to be widely recognized as an aerospace hub. 


With such a positive record in the aerospace industry, Palmdale hopes to add the U.S. Spaceforce to its resume. In the meantime, we will continue our advancements in aerospace and provide homes to some of the most extensive engineering facilities in the United States.