Stop Patio Dining

By Aidan Sidikpramana, Staff Writer

For the past few months, coronavirus has seen a stark increase in COVID-19, especially in Texas, Florida, and California. After this massive increase in these states, the same occurred with states surrounding these areas. Laidback policies that allowed businesses to reopen way too early and failed to enforce social distancing may have caused a resurgence in cases. With this increase, there should be some stricter rolls at play to ensure the safety of citizens in hot zones. One such solution to this problem would be to stop patio dining.


Ending patio dining would suppress the temptation of going out and not correctly social distancing. Throughout California, patio dining has been pretty risky thus far, with restaurants failing to adequately accommodate the six-foot guideline or measure temperatures before customers enter. As people reach pandemic fatigue more, they will make rash and irresponsible decisions that will risk the health of others.


The whole point of patio dining is that people will not be confined in small spaces where the virus could spread quickly. This, however, is not very effective. A lot can be learned from one of China’s first cases, which was spread in a restaurant. Although diners were scattered throughout the establishment, several customers still contracted the virus through air circulation. Researchers discovered that the air conditioning vent pushed the air from the contaminants to the contaminated. When restaurants do not provide proper spacing, the wind outside has the same effect as poor air circulation indoors, so the risk of contamination is still high. Additionally, because people’s masks are down while eating, they are more susceptible to getting sick.


As of now, many corporate franchised restaurants around the A.V. Mall have adopted patio dining to increase funds for their corporation, but sadly, local businesses around the area, without prior patio seating, have found it challenging to incorporate outdoor dining.


Looking at the circumstances, we should not have patio dining available to ensure the safety of people. Take-out is a viable option and would be much more convenient. Because of the risks and our government’s lack of enforcement, it would be best if we were to end patio dining, at least for now. There are various other methods of supporting businesses available, for example, ordering for takeout! Now more than ever, local businesses need your help in their survival, so make a quick phone call for your next lunch or dinner.