The Reason the Los Angeles Angels are Doing Terrible

By Ashlee Guardado, Staff Writer

When the COVID-19 outbreak began in March, many sports had to delay their games. One of them was the MLB that was supposed to be starting in spring. It wasn’t until June 23rd when the season resumed. Spring training was, of course, canceled since the MLB wanted to start the season. Not much has happened so far other than the occasional fight. One thing that has happened that isn’t surprising is that the Los Angeles Angels are performing poorly.


The Los Angeles Angels are having a rough season as usual. It may not seem like they are doing that bad since the Texas Rangers are last in the AL West, but it still doesn’t excuse their poor performance. They have won 18 games and lost 27. It may not sound that bad unless you are comparing their standings to the other four teams in California. It is not good. The Los Angeles Dodgers have a record of 32-13, the San Diego Padres have a 29-17 record, the San Francisco Giants have a 23-22 record, and finally, the Oakland Athletics have a 27-15 record. There is something wrong with their team. Could it be their batters? OF COURSE NOT!


Their batters are not the problem as to why they are losing this badly. Yeah, the batters are responsible for getting the points, but it is not their fault. You know why? THEY HAVE GOOD BATTERS! One of these batters is Mike Trout, one of the best baseball players of this generation. The Angels also have Albert Pujols, who is also one of the best players and currently has 659 home runs in his career. These two players are a part of the most memorable and well-known players in the sport. So if the Angels have good batters, what is stopping them?


The thing stopping them is that they don’t have any good pitchers. If a team doesn’t have a good pitcher, they are more likely to lose since the pitcher is giving up runs. A prime example of this resulted when Shohei Ohtani returned to pitching this year. He gave up five runs when he returned to the mound after two years of not pitching during the Athletics game, where the Angels lost 4-6. The Angels have lost games against other teams where the score was 4-11, but giving up five runs in the first 20 minutes is unbelievable.


The Angels have the potential to be great and win the World Series one day, but it is not this year. If they don’t get their act together, they will never make it to the World Series and win. They need to work on their pitchers more and stop relying on the batters to win games. It is a team game, after all.