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Ashlee Guardado

Ashlee Guardado, Staff Writer

Hey everyone, my name is Ashlee Guardado and this is my first year being a part of Journalism. Some things that I enjoy doing are playing soccer, sewing, drawing, playing video games, and cooking, although I am not the best cook. I have been an honors student since 7th grade and I try to get straight A’s. I am also the treasurer for Key Club and a part of CSF, Kindness Club, and ACS (American Cancer Society). Although I am in many clubs, I am a really shy and nervous person but that will not stop me from working hard. I decided to join Journalism this year because I enjoy writing and my English teacher recommended that I join! Currently, I am a sophomore and I hope that I can contribute a lot to the Journalism team!


9.28.20 Update

Recently, I have been mostly busy with homework from my classes. There are some days where I have time to do activities like play video games. I finished Super Smash Bros Ultimate about two weeks ago. All I can say about it is that it was an experience. Currently, I am playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the second game I received on my birthday and that was recommended by my friends. So far, I am enjoying it! Other than playing video games, I have been drawing a bit. I’ve mainly been sketching, but I am planning on doing some digital art soon. I have also been watching a bunch of YouTube videos as usual and helped my mom with making masks for nurse’s week. 


2.1.20 Update

After returning from winter break, a lot has happened. I finally finished a route in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and I am currently working on the second route, so I am halfway there to completing the entire game! After that, I’m planning on playing Fire Emblem: Warriors since I got it for Christma this year. I also received some crafty stuff like a needle felting kit and cross-stitching kit, which will keep me occupied. I attempted sewing something for my dad, but it broke the sewing needle in half, which was nice. Other than that, I’ve spent my entire break watching Minecraft YouTubers and streamers to pass the time. Now I’m back in school, I am already exhausted and want to go back to break, but I am glad to be writing again!

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Ashlee Guardado