Quarantine Activity

By Nilesh Kumar and Brandon Kim

Should Esports be Considered a Sport?

The Esports industry has seen a significant increase in popularity over the last decade, especially after a teenager won three million dollars playing a video game in the Fortnite World Cup. Given the way these Esports ‘athletes’ win money and boast similar audiences to actual sporting events, Esports should be regarded as a type of sport. Esport athletes require similar athleticism in their reaction speeds, ability to think on their feet and practice to be successful.


Esports players follow similar schedules to regular athletes in that they practice for eight to ten hours a day with their team. They also have individual ‘workouts’ of solo gameplay, where they practice their mechanics, in the same way a football player focuses on their own conditioning or ability to catch/throw the ball. Also, Esports contain leagues, much like a regular sport. Teams are required to travel around the world to compete in matches or tournaments for money. These games are held in arenas that host large audiences, which is yet another similarity between Esports and typical sports, further proving that Esports is a type of sport.


Staying Active During Quarantine

For many high school students, school was the main reason as to why we stayed active and were always moving. We did not have a choice but to attend P.E. classes and walk to different periods. However, with the recent change in plans with quarantine, there has not been a necessity to move around within our homes. Not to mention, we are restricted from doing so, since almost all outdoor activities are prohibited to help keep the number of coronavirus cases under control. As a result, most of us have probably been sitting in our chairs, attending our Google Meet classes, and finishing our homework all day. 


This inactivity is obviously unhealthy. Months of remaining in a single position will result in weaker muscles, joints, lungs, and pretty much anything involving your basic motor skills. Although finding the motivation to stay active might be hard sometimes, it’s essential to do so. Even if you’re feeling lazy, be sure that you’re stretching in your chair every once in a while or standing up to get a drink. Stay safe!