Kahoot Game Week

By Lynn Lee, Staff Writer

Another spirit week!? This week’s spirit week was themed Kahoot Game Week, where students joined a live video chat @qhhactivites on Instagram and participated in competitive Kahoots with their schoolmates. In addition to this, the winners of the Kahoots received shoutouts on Instagram.


On Monday, students tested their TikTok knowledge. Along with the TikTok Kahoot, students shared their favorite TikTokers; one senior said that her favorite TikToker was Sienna Mae Gomez. The winners of Monday’s Tiktok Kahoot were Taylor P. who placed third, second place went to Abby M., and first place went to Haylee P. The winners all received shoutouts on @qhhsactivites.


The Kahoot on Tuesday was about TV shows and movies. Although there were some technical difficulties, more than 20 students were able to participate in the Kahoot. Questions were based on these well-known TV shows and movies: Jane the Virgin, Criminal Minds, Stranger Things, Black Panther, Friends, and more. Since Tuesday’s Kahoot was based on TV shows and movies, Breanna Hernandez, a sophomore said that her favorite movies were The Perks of Being A Wallflower and Ladybird. She also said her favorite TV show is That 70s Show. The winners of Tuesday’s Kahoot was Katelyn F. who placed third, Ellie N. who placed second, and first place went to Madi M.


Wednesday’s Kahoot was on…celebrities! More than 10 students participated on Wednesday. The winners were Morgan B. who won first place, Ash B. who placed second, and Riley H. who placed third.


Thursday’s Kahoot was based on Marvel and Disney characters. Oliver Weese, a sophomore, was asked who his favorite Marvel character was and he said it was Spider-Man. He shared that he finds Spider-Man cool and likes the colors on his suit. The winners of the Kahoot were Abby R. who placed first place, Grace F. who placed second, and Ash B. who placed third.


The final day of the spirit week ended with Anime and Vine Kahoots. Due to the anime Kahoot, five students were asked which anime they preferred between Naruto, Kakeguri, and Death Note, three very popular anime series. Two students stated that they preferred Naruto, while the other two said they liked Death Note. One out of the five students said she liked Kakegurui. The winners of the Kahoot were Karlie L. who placed third, Leia M. who placed second, and Jayden W. who placed first place. The other Kahoot that was played was based on Vine. Vine was a social networking app where users hosted six to seven-second long video clips. However, this fun app got shut down three years ago. Ariana Pelayo, a sophomore was asked whether she missed Vine or not. She replied, “Yes, and no because there were some good creators that made me smile and I laughed with a bunch of other people on the Internet which helped me feel included, and no because I was kinda young and I didn’t really watch a lot of vines. I had the app for like two weeks before it shut down.” The winners of the Vine Kahoot were Karlie L. who placed third, Abby R. who placed second, and first place went to Sophia M. Even though school has become virtual, ASB has been finding ways to provide students with fun events and spirit weeks so they can enjoy their 2020-2021 online school year.