Virtual Assemblies are the Best Option Right Now

By Aidan Sidikpramana, Staff Writer

Virtual assemblies may be the new normal for a while, and, despite their limitations, it’s for the best


From the roaring cheers within the gymnasium to the silent “nod” extension emojis in a Google Meet call, the change in the format of our assembly is noticeable, and, although it may not be as engaging as in-person assemblies, we can make the most out of it.


Looking at the uptick of coronavirus cases in California, it is safe to say that the awkward silences of a virtual assembly are here to stay. Historically, Quartz Hill High School assemblies are a very loud and close quarters event, with students shoulder to shoulder in a sweaty gymnasium. When students are yelling and screaming in a room with poor air circulation, disaster is bound to happen.


As this virus slowly fades away and once we are admitted into in-person learning, there is still a possibility of assemblies returning back to normal, but with safety measures in play. The gymnasium is most likely not going to be used again for any assemblies or ceremonies in the near future. Rather an outside assembly similar to that of the Homecoming rally is most likely an alternative to the indoor assemblies that we are used to having.


The benefits of virtual assemblies mainly center around how there is a need to reduce the spread of coronavirus and a large assembly where we are all in the safety of our own homes is the best way to go through with it. When asked about the virtual assembly experience and whether or not it was going to stay, Senior Daniel Pederson mentions, “Even if we go back to physical school, I think assemblies will be on a low priority to re-introduce. While it could be argued that multiple assemblies could be held to reduce the number of students in each assembly, this would take more valuable teaching time during our physical school hours. I think that school assemblies will most likely be held in a virtual environment for a good portion, if not all of the remaining school year. While this is not ideal, neither is QHHS becoming the epicenter for a COVID-19 outbreak.”


ASB and administration have done a great job of creating an engaging atmosphere for students to participate in while they are at home. Although they are able to captivate students’ attention with virtual events, it is difficult to recreate the same campus culture that many of us so dearly loved when we were in person. With events like the Tik Tok show and tell, we can see some of our Quartz Hill High School campus culture being spread to our homes in a very minimal manner but present nevertheless.


Expect to see smaller events created by ASB to pop up more often as we move into the unknown. These events are made for your enjoyment and participation. ASB and administration understand that staying inside for this long has effects on your physical and mental health. QHHS cares for their students and we hope to soften the blow on the huge amount of stress that students and families feel while staying home.