TikTok Competition

By Lynn Lee, Staff Writer

TikTok has become the most popular app among teenagers, which is why ASB took this opportunity to create a TikTok competition. Students danced, transitioned, drew pictures, and played instruments against each other. 


“Move it Monday” was the first day of the competition where students sent videos of themselves dancing to trendy TikTok dances. Round one of “Move it Monday” included Brooklyn Juve and Alexis Garibay against a student with a TikTok username of “koolkats_2.” Between these students, Juve and Garibay won 87% of the student body votes. In the second round, Brooke Faulk went against Juve and Garibay. Juve and Garibay won again and moved onto the last round against Madison Dicob and Brooklyn Juve. Juve and Dicob were the final “Move it Monday” winners due to their outgoing energy along with their coordinated dance moves. 


On “Transition Tuesday,” students sent videos of themselves doing their best transitions. The first round included “koolkats_2” against Brooke Faulk. Faulk ended up winning most of the student’s votes. Her transitions included changing into different outfits, transitioning into a colorful makeup look, and altering hats. Another round took place, which included Nadia Mich against Leah Hill. Hill did a transition where she threw her hat and caught it using her head; this transition led her to victory. Even though she went up against three other students, she was still able to win the title of “Transition Tuesday Winner.” 


On “Best Friend Wednesday,” students made TikToks with their best friends. The first round of the “Best Friend” competition included Alexa Repomonto and her friend against Gabby Castaneda and her friend. Castaneda and her friend danced to a Christmas song while Repomonto and her friend danced to the most popular TikTok song “Because of You” by Ne-Yo. Grace Faulk also submitted a TikTok but instead of dancing, she made an aesthetically pleasing video of the Palmdale sunsets with her friend. The two friends that ended up winning were Gabby Castaneda and her friend. It was a very close win since they won 56% of the votes.


On Thursday, students competed by showing off their artistic skills. Caroline Toberman, one of the participants who sent in her drawings, said, “I have been drawing for three years now, I started drawing in class a lot, but it started getting interesting after I started posting videos on TikTok.” Caroline Toberman, a sophomore, has over 6,000 followers on TikTok due to her artistic talents. In the TikTok competition, she went against a student who drew Spongebob characters and another student who played the piano. Thursday’s competition winner ended up being Grace Faulk, who played a song on the piano.  


On the last day of the competition, students were able to show their funny side by sending in funny TikToks. The first round included Grace Faulk against Violet Padilla. Grace Faulk, a junior, showed her comedic side by accidentally making a mistake on a TikTok dance. Violet Padilla did the “You was at the Club (Bottoms up)” challenge and dressed up as “The BoyBoy West Coast.” Another round included Camden Kline and Sophia Merill. Camden Kline played basketball in his TikTok, and Sophia Merrill did a lip-sync with her dad. The winner of the funny TikTok challenge was Violet Padilla with her witty “You was at the Club (Bottoms Up)” lip-sync. 


This TikTok competition was a friendly way for students to get their minds off school and homework by laughing and discovering new “TikTok” talents.