Virtual Club Rush


By Lynn Lee, Staff Writer

After two months of the school year, students have finally experienced the long-awaited tradition of Club Rush. Club Rush is a popular event that has helped students participate in school activities and connect with schoolmates. Usually, students are surrounded by club booths and energetic club officers. However, last week’s virtual Club Rush had its fair share of awkward and bland moments.


Many QHHS students can agree that Club Rush is the most important event since it determines how much fun students can experience for the rest of the school year. Students spend the majority of their school year in clubs. So many can agree that it is essential to attend Club Rush to create new memories.


In the usual in-person Club Rush, students walk across the main quad, where they are greeted by club booths that try to outdo each other with colorful banners and delicious candy. They are encouraged to join new clubs while getting yelled at by excited club officers. However, in this virtual Club Rush, students jumped from one call to another, received quick introductions about clubs, and signing Google Sheets.


Ariana Pelayo, a sophomore, hoped she could join many new clubs this school year. She said she virtually attended “Quartz Hill Guild Theatre, Society of Women’s Engineers (SWE), Chess, Earth Preservation, Model United Nations, Science Olympiad, Kindness Club, and Skate 4 Change.” After being introduced to over five clubs, she shared that she joined Kindness Club, Earth Preservation, Debate Club, Skate 4 Change, and Chess Club. Even though this year’s Club Rush was virtual, Pelayo shared that she could attend many clubs and found many new interests.


One of the most popular clubs that are always able to bring new members is the Key Club. After this virtual Club Rush, Key Club was able to bring in 35 new members. Terry Muller, a returning member of Key Club, was asked what encouraged her to join the club. Muller said, “I had friends in it last year that said they liked it, and I also heard that it was a good club to join for college admissions.” Two other famous clubs that can bring in new members are the Multicultural Club and CSF. 


Destiny Solis, the current Key Club president and Multicultural Club public relations officer was asked how she felt about the virtual Club Rush. She said, “I enjoyed it. It was fun to get to know new people, but at times it would get a bit awkward, but most of the people who came were open and asked questions, so it was nice.” Many club officers can agree with Solis; even though this Club Rush was virtual, many officers could introduce their clubs and invite new members. However, without the usual in-person confrontation, there were many awkward awakenings even for the extroverted officers.


Even though this Club Rush was online, it was much needed for students who wanted to share their passions. Club Rush was still largely successful for students who wanted to participate in new interests and make new friends.