Halfway into the NFL Season

By Nilesh Kumar, Staff Writer

The NFL has officially passed the halfway point in the season, following the completion of week nine out of 17. Despite the NFL going through lots of controversy regarding COVID-19, the season has been relatively successful thus far. For starters, the Pittsburgh Steelers are the favorites and ranked number one in the league, boasting a record of eight wins and zero losses. The Chiefs, who won the Superbowl last year, are also having a promising season, as they have an impressive record of eight wins and one loss. On the other side of the spectrum, the New York Jets have zero wins thus far.


Arguably the most surprising this season would have to be the Buffalo Bills, who have an impressive record of seven wins and one loss. This record results from their solid defense and fluid offense due to the three years of coaching by Sean McDermott. However, what is interesting is that their defense, the most vital part of their game, has taken a step back even when their results have improved. Football enthusiast and Quartz Hill High School Sophomore Dorsey Davis says, “The Bills have had a surprisingly good season thus far. It’s weird how their defense seems to be playing worse than before, yet they’re still doing better. Something happened with their offense, that’s for sure.”


The Pittsburgh Steelers have been the team to watch this season, as they are the only team, as of week nine, that still maintains a perfect record. However, of their eight wins, five have been decided by only one score, including the past three games. This shows their ability to make significant plays in the spur of the moment, indicating their quality as a team. No matter the circumstances, the team will pull through. Their counterpart in a successful season, the Kansas City Chiefs, is on track to another great year, with their star quarterback Patrick Mahomes having 25 touchdown passes and one interception. Mahomes is in-form and better than he has ever been, which is a real threat to every other team in the league. Davis states, “I would love to see the Steelers and Chiefs in a Superbowl, or at least play each other in the postseason. Both teams have great seasons, and hopefully, they keep it up.”


In all, the NFL season has been exciting, at least for Steelers and Bills fans. The Chiefs have a great chance of winning this season, and the teams, though off to a slow start, have been putting in lots of effort into having another successful season.