The Pros and Cons of Joining Clubs During Distance Learning


Picture by Brandon Kim

By Faith Crossan, Staff Writer

Distance learning is something that has affected everyone, from parents to staff to students. The entire school year had to be reworked to fit into the conditions of COVID-19. Because of that, extracurricular activities were affected as well. Rather than canceling clubs altogether, the administrators decided to rework the activities to fit today’s climate. This reworking comes with some pros and cons for students involved.


It is crucial to recognize that every student’s home life and learning environments are different. Generally, clubs would be formal and organized; however, the clubs have become much more relaxed with the sudden shift to distance learning. For some students, the laid back atmosphere is a bonus. Art History Club member Logan Howell shared his thoughts, stating, “I really like that the club is pretty casual and that everyone there is interactive. We do a lot of discussions, and it helps me with my AP Art History class a lot. There’s not anything negative I can think of about the club besides the hour it takes out of my Tuesdays.”


For Logan and other students, the casual environment that clubs currently have is positive. It allows students to stress less about work and enjoy the activities they do much more. Key Club treasurer Ashlee Guardado elaborated on this by sharing, “My experience with doing club activities has been great so far!.. Things I like about distance club activities is that it is easier to attend club meetings since you don’t have to walk across campus or anything.” Virtually, most club members can agree that the casual club atmosphere has helped to lighten the stress of taking on an extracurricular activity.


However, the casual atmosphere of distance-learning clubs is both a blessing and a curse. Because of distance learning, organizing club activities can be challenging. Ashlee gives us her side of the story by saying, “The one thing I really dislike about doing club activities is how limited we are to do anything. It’s really difficult to come up with activities that will keep members interested in the club as well as prevent the spread of COVID to our members.”


Ashlee’s experience is one shared by many other club members and administrators. With the ongoing pandemic, safety is always our number one priority. Because of that, there is no way to hold group club meetings or activities. Members of clubs must now be a lot more creative when attempting to hold fundraisers and other events.


Clubs are an essential part of the high school experience, and without the hard work of our fellow students and administrators, none of it would be possible. If you are thinking of joining a club, you absolutely should, just keep in mind that the experience you are getting at home may be different from the one you would get in person.