2020 NBA Draft

By Nilesh Kumar, Staff Writer

The 2020 NBA Draft took place on November 18th and successfully set the stage for the next generation of rookies, who now have an opportunity to showcase their talent in the NBA. Though this year’s draft was not as exciting as previous years, given the global pandemic, there are still a few notable additions to the league that can genuinely impact the future of the NBA. Most notably, Lamelo Ball, third son of the popular “Big Baller Family,” was drafted in the top three picks, which has many fans excited. The Timberwolves, who got the first pick, picked up a solid Guard in Anthony Edwards. Today, I’ll be analyzing the first five picks of the draft.


  1. The first draft pick this year was guard Anthony Edwards. Minnesota held onto its first pick Edwards, who is seen as the next best fit alongside D’Angelo Russell and Karl-Anthony Towns. Edwards became an elite athlete due to his scoring ability and is on the road to becoming a multiple-time All-star. Edwards’s defensive efforts and work ethics are questionable, but his talent outweighs these concerns, earning him the right spot as the first draft pick.
  2. The second draft pick was James Wiseman, who went to the Golden State Warriors as a center. Wisemen should benefit as a rim-runner for Golden State’s offense. His incredible height, wingspan, and mobility for his size give him a chance to emerge as a Rudy Gobert-esque stopper later down his career. Being a ‘big man’ can come with its disadvantages, but Wisemen has all the abilities to benefit from his height.
  3. The most popular draft pick, Lamelo Ball, was selected as the third draft pick, and he went to the Charlotte Hornets. Even though Ball is nowhere close to being a perfect prospect, he is still a top-tier playmaker due to his defensive and shooting inconsistency and holds one of the most significant upsides in the draft. The Hornets looked for a person who gave them an identity and level of excitement, and Ball has these talents.
  4. The Bulls had the fourth draft pick and selected Patrick Williams, who is a forward. Chicago is taking a risk on Williams. Even though Williams is raw offensively, his fortified physical build and great defensive potential could result in a long career if his outside shots can improve.
  5. The fifth draft pick was Isaac Okoro, who is also a forward and went to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Cleveland’s defensive unit is a force to be reckoned with; Okoro should improve on that end as well by obtaining multiple assignments. He also cannot gather offensive possessions from Collin Sexton and Darius Garland. Will Okoro become an adequate 3-point shooter? That skill will determine Okoro’s ceiling.


Therefore, this year’s NBA draft was exciting for many teams, as they could solidify their teams for next season. We are readily excited for the 2021-22 season and are excited to see how they will fare in the NBA!