The Shadows of the Trump Administration

By Aidan Sidikpramana, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, January 20th, 2021, Joe Biden stepped into office as the 46th president of the United States of America. The weeks following up to President Biden’s inauguration were very eventful, to say the least. The political and social unrest that followed the January 6th insurrection has caused national and international attention, with many people wondering what is to become of America’s democracy. 


These recent events and their ties to former President Trump have brought into question his leadership abilities. The House of Representatives has proposed a second impeachment, the first president to be impeached twice in American history. Just recently, the impeachment passed in the House of Representatives and is waiting for a vote in the senate to officialize the former president’s impeachment. Going forward with this impeachment will disallow former President Trump from running for office again and will strip him of his benefits as a retired U.S. President. 


A major concern with this situation is that the impeachment trials on former President Trump will draw too much media attention away from President Biden’s first few months. The first hundred days of a president’s term is where most recognition comes from. If the public’s eyes are drawn to Trump once more, especially now that he is no longer in office, it may hinder the process of progressing past the Trump administration. This may not be the case, though.


Though these concerns are fair, they would not be too much of an issue if the impeachment trials are held a few weeks after President Biden’s inauguration. That is exactly the case. The impeachment trials are being held mid to late February, which gives President Biden media coverage for a few weeks. The impeachment coverage should not exceed over a week, so not a lot of attention should be drawn away from the reforms President Biden is hoping to push. At the rate President Biden is pushing for reforms and the number of executive orders he has put out thus far, I doubt the media will draw their attention away from the new president for a while.


Although a new president has been placed in office, it does not mean that the problems that were present for the previous administration have disappeared. There is much cleaning up to do in America, and hopefully, we will see some positive changes to significant issues that gained great attention last year, like social justice and the spread of misinformation.