Tiger Woods’ Possibly Carrer-Ending Car Crash

By Nilesh Kumar, Staff Writer

At 7 a.m., on a Ranchos Palos Verdes road on February 23rd, golf icon Tiger Woods was found unconscious in a mangled SUV, following a horrifying car accident. As Woods was the sole occupant of a 2021 Genesis GV80 SUV, it was a single-car accident, driving at a greater speed than normal. 15-time major champion was rushed to a hospital following the crash, needing emergency surgery. The surgery took place in Harbor-UCLA Medical Center to address several traumatic leg injuries.


Tiger Woods suffered “significant orthopedic injuries” to his lower right leg and ankle, as he suffered open fractures in the upper and lower portions of the tibia and fibula of his right leg. Golf enthusiast and Quartz Hill High School sophomore Jack Smith reports, “Honestly, I don’t think his leg injuries will be too detrimental for his return to golf. After all, golf requires mostly upper body and back muscles. If he’s able to make a recovery, even if not 100%, I still think he can dominate as he once did.” Woods was reportedly awake, responsive, and recovering following his surgery, though he now has trauma in the muscle and soft tissue in his right leg. Many doctors consider his injuries to be far less than expected, as the rolling car crash resulted in only leg injuries. LA County Sheriff Deputy Carlos Gonzalez said Tiger Woods is lucky to be alive in the first place, and fans are grateful for him to walk.


Following the crash, Tiger Woods told deputies that he did not remember driving in the first place or any events that led to the crash. The police were unable to seek a warrant to obtain a sample of Wood’s blood to investigate whether or not he was under the influence of any substance, though it is frightening to know that Woods does not remember the drive in the first place. Fortunately, Tiger Woods, who has a history of DUI incidents and vehicular accidents, will not face any criminal charges for the crash. 


No one knows for sure whether or not Tiger Woods will make a return to golf again. Woods told CBS announcer Jim Nantz that he hoped to play the Masters competition in April before the crash occurred. Dr. Kirk Campbell states, “Tiger has a very, very, very long road to recovery ahead and based on the information we have, returning to being an elite golfer would be very challenging.”