Met Gala Wins and Losses

Every year, the Met Gala, also known as the Met Ball, fundraises for the benefit of the Met’s Costume Institute in New York City. It is a big event for celebrities and is almost equivalent to the Oscars, except there are no awards. Due to the circumstances in 2020, the gala was canceled. So this is the first time in 2 years that this event was held. One thing notable about the Met Gala is that it is known to have some… strange fashion choices. With hundreds of celebrities attending, only the most out-there choices will be mentioned.

Simone Biles looked terrific in her 88-pound dress! She stood out well and was a show stopper with those boots. The material on the skirt was a bit strange with the beading on her shoulders, but it fit with Biles’ makeup and hair. If one thing were to be modified, it should have been reducing the width of the hip area of the dress since it stood out too much.

One of the stranger outfits on the carpet was Natalie Byrant’s outfit. Her outfit would have been fine, cute even if it weren’t for the fact that it was inflated. The inflated dress with a long train did not mix well since it made the train look like they just sewed a random piece of fabric to the back. The dress also did not match her hair and shoes, making it stand out like a sore thumb. If the dress were form-fitting or a ballgown, I would wear it, which would be more likable! 

Lil Nas X wore three different outfits for this year’s gala, so it was exciting to see everything he had in store. For all of his outfits, he KILLED it. The massive ornate cape was spectacular to see since he looked like royalty. The gold suit of armor fits Lil Nas X well, and his makeup tied the look together. Finally, his final outfit was not as good as the other two but still looked fantastic. It does give me a bit of a disco vibe because of the big boots he wore for the outfit.

Kim Kardashian’s outfit was… interesting. She looked like she was in a bodysuit that you see people wear during Halloween. It seemed incredibly uncomfortable and hard to breathe in. This was not the best outfit she could have worn. Maybe it would look better if she had not covered her face and had a random ponytail popping up. The boots were cute, though, which was a plus.

Have you ever wanted to wear a map? Well, Dan Lev did precisely that, and it was not that good. The sleeves were too puffy, and it kind of looked like those covers you put on a mattress first before placing the bed sheets and covers over it. It contradicted the fitting shirt, which was bothersome. Even the map itself does not fit well with the style of the overall outfit shape. The message about queer relationships behind the outfit is nice, but it is not enough to save it. 

Billie Eilish’s dress was breathtaking. It reminded me of Charlotte La Bouff from the Disney movie Princess and the Frog with her over-the-shoulder straps and big skirt. The outfit also reminded me of Marilyn Monroe. The long train in the back was lovely and made the dress even more extravagant.

An honorable mention was Frank Ocean’s outfit. There was nothing wrong with the outfit or anything special; however, the robot baby was hilarious. They were green, and I was not expecting that at the Met Gala, which is a bit pleasant for something like that to appear at a big event. It made my day seeing the green robotic baby.

The weirdest outfit of this year is Kim Petras,  a German singer. Her dress was a horse’s head, while her hair was the tail of the horse. It was very out there and was a bit unsettling. The eyes were soulless, and the head of the horse was flat, making it look larger. Petras’ dress was strange looking and took the cake for the most unusual outfit of the 2021 Met Gala.

The absolute best outfit at the Met Gala was Nikkie de Jager, also known as Nikkietutorials on YouTube. She looked like a flower goddess, and everything from head to toe was perfect! It was a mixture of a simple turquoise tulle gown and colorful flowers tied with a bow in the front. I also loved that she honored transgender activist Marsha P. Johnson in her dress since Nikkitutorials is openly trans. 

There are some great outfits at the Met Gala, but there will also be outfits where it looks awful. My tastes will be different compared to others, so maybe there are outfits listed that are disagreeable. However, you have to agree that Kim Petras’ outfit was really strange and a bit scary to look at.