Kylie’s Nails Prophesied Her Pregnancy!

Recently Kylie Jenner announced that she is pregnant with her second child, but rumors on the Internet spoiled her big secret. There were many videos where people pointed out many signs that the celebrity was pregnant. 

The rumors of Jenner having a second child started in 2019 when she announced that she was coming out with a new project. Her fans immediately speculated that this meant a second baby was on the way. However, she did not hesitate to shut down any rumors. Many sources have said that Jenner and Travis Scott have talked about expanding their family and were very open to the idea of having another child. 

Baby rumors resurfaced earlier this year when Jenner’s fans found many pieces of evidence to support their suspicions that she was expecting another kid. The evidence they based their statements on came from many different aspects, like the photos she posted, her lack of alcohol consumption, and even the color of her nails. 

One specific example was from the celebrity’s birthday posts. Jenner posted a picture and a video of herself in a green dress. However, fans realized that Jenner’s nails were different in the video than those in the pictures. In the video, Jenner’s nails had a green french tip, but they were all pink in the photos. The nails did not add up, which made many fans believe that she posted old pictures of herself to cover up a possible pregnancy. Jenner’s fans also thought that she was posting old photos and videos because of her outfit choices. In one photo posted on August 9, Jenner was wearing sweatpants, a ponytail, a bralette, and very similar nails to those she posted on her story on June 23. 

These rumors continued until Jenner finally announced that she was expecting another baby on her Instagram. The video that Kylie Jenner posted begins with Jenner showing off a positive pregnancy test to the camera. In another part of the video, she discloses the news of her pregnancy to her mother, Kris Jenner, by letting her three-year-old daughter, Stormi, hand her grandmother an envelope. In the envelope, a sonogram revealed that she would be a grandmother again. 

To summarize, Jenner has announced that she is expecting a second child. Though she tried to hide this very well, many of her fans were able to recognize that something had been off about her and her Instagram lately. Kylie Jenner has also announced that she is ready to expand her family with Travis Scott. This great news has excited many of her fans and made them eager for the upcoming stages of her life.