Minecraft Live 2021

Minecraft live is an event held by Mojang, the team behind Minecraft, where they announce new updates to the game. Last year, players were given the first part of the Caves and Cliffs update, which introduced mobs such as goats, axolotls, and the Glow Squid, the winner of the Mob Contest. There were also other new implementations such as amethyst, copper, taller mountains, more enormous caves, and other awesome features. When this year’s Minecraft Live was announced, there was a lot of hype and excitement to get updated on the second part of the Caves and Cliffs update.

When the show began, they announced a future update in 2022 called the Wild Update. This update will include more changes towards the world, and two new mobs were revealed for this update: frogs and tadpoles. Frogs were a part of the mob vote back in 2020 to update the biomes; however, the mountain biome, including goats, won the vote. So in the upcoming update, the swamps will be included along with the two mobs.

When the Wild Update is released, the Deep Dark will also be a part of it. This is a pretty scary release since it will include mobs and items that make caves much more dangerous to explore. The mob that will be included in this is the Warden, a hostile creature and Minecraft’s first blind mob. There will be particular blocks that can sense the player and create a loud sound that will alarm the Warden. Also, as the name suggests, this area will be very dark, adding to the tension.

The second part of the Caves and Cliffs Update was also mentioned in the stream, announcing the extension of the world limits to accommodate the new cave systems. This also adds a lot of details to the mountains and caves to make them look more complex than they were previously.

There were also some minor announcements made to the community. They announced that there would be a Minecraft PC Bundle releasing on November 2. This would allow Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for Windows together in the same launcher. This will finally enable players to cross-play between the different versions. 

The spinoff game Minecraft Dungeons will be receiving an update called Seasonal Adventures in December. It mainly adds more content and items to the game, so players can experience more within the game. Some of the incredible rewards that can be earned include pets, emotes, and flairs. Finally, they announced Minecraft Innovations and Blockbench, allowing fans to create their own personal mob and put it into the game. Developers enjoyed looking at all of the mobs made by the players, so they decided to create a workspace that would allow anyone to use it.

Finally, every year, they hold a mob contest where people on Twitter can vote for their favorite mob out of the three shown. Last year, there was controversy with the Minecraft Youtuber Dream when he replied to the vote saying that people should vote for the Glow Squid, one of the mobs that year. Due to him having a massive audience within the Minecraft community, the Glow Squid won and is considered a useless mob since it has no purpose other than to glow and make signs shine using their ink. So this year, fans were unhappy with the idea that Dream would try to influence the vote once more, but he decided not to say which mob he would personally choose to avoid the drama.

The first mob introduced was the Glare, which is a mob that warns the players about areas that would be able to spawn mobs. The Glare looks like a bush and does not like the dark, so it acts grumpy when it is too dark. The second mob is the Allay, a blue gatherer mob that brings back multiple materials you give it. It also dances whenever it is near music and drops its items when doing it. The last mob was the copper golem which presses copper buttons and can power Redstone items when pressing those buttons. The golem will oxidize over time and turn into a statue after a long time, which is sad to imagine. 

When voting, there are two rounds. During the first round, the Allay won with 51% of the votes, the Golem with 37.8%, and the Glare with 11.2%. With these results, the Glare was eliminated. In round two, otherwise known as the final round, the winner of the 2021 Mob Vote was (drumroll) the Allay, winning with 54.3% of the votes! 

I also participated in the vote and voted for the Allay, which was a difficult decision since I believed they were all adorable. Overall, this year’s Minecraft Live was fun and piqued the interest of many fans.